Best Unbiased Infrared Sauna Reviews

The whole back of the saunas began hundreds of years ago. The people of Scandinavia used this warm session of a sauna to help separate and disinfect their bodies. The sauna is mostly a warm room that builds up sweating. Therefore, it sanitizes your body. It improves your pulse rate the reason behind this it also boosts your blood movement. The best unbiased infrared sauna will also give you a sense of relief. 

Are Best Unbiased Infrared Saunas Better than Traditional?

Like a traditional sauna, the best unbiased infrared sauna uses infrared light to warm the body from the inside instead of outside air.

Best unbiased Infrared sauna believes that the heat enters much deeper into the skin than the traditional sauna; this leads to more sweating and leads to many toxins discharge. 

If you want to get natural health treatment, we will guide you through buying the best unbiased infrared sauna.

But there is another question: What’s the best unbiased infrared sauna in the market?

It is a difficult question because markets are full of different types of infrared sauna, and it is tough to choose one of them. We will tell you about some of the best unbiased infrared sauna in the market that will help you to select one of them.  

Top Best Unbiased Infrared Sauna Brands 

  • Sunlight 
  • Clear light 
  • Dynamic saunas (Golden design sauna in-progress) 
  • JNH lifestyle 

Are sunlight infrared saunas for any good?

You would see many other best unbiased infrared saunas, but the infrared sunlight sauna is one of the best sauna cabinets, and they are fabulously well made. Construction quality and use of wood light thin plywood cabinets are light years ahead as you see on the imported Chinese JNH Lifestyle saunas; it looks like it was built with scrap wood. 

There is no such thing as sunlight because they use excellent quality ingredients. You will enter through the glass door, and using the slider on the roof will make it clear that this is not a cheap unit. 

Sunlight complaints

We must have seen many complaints on swindle reports, forums, and sauna groups, making it difficult to understand the appropriate grievances and try to make an incision in a more big company than competitors. 

This sauna is one of the biggest sauna companies in the country, and sunlight sauna is constrained to have an ordeal here and there, as we all do. Many people have trifled matters, but there is no indication to use them. It is conspicuous daily in Brett Bauer’s sauna Detox group, where sunlight regularly leads to hell and backward. 

Bright light, infrared sauna 

This sauna design reduces both the electric fields and the magnetic fields.  That varies from other items in the market that curtail one of the two. That is true for the many different best unbiased infrared sauna companies. This company says that our product’s EMF is very low in the entire industry. 

Is clear light low EMF?  

You don’t believe that this company has a tremendous low EMF. And not only weak magnetic fields but it also provides you weak electric areas. Many sauna companies and salesman delay you from third party EMF report. You cannot remove the heaters from the sauna and send them to the lab, and then say it’s low EMF.

Dynamic sauna 

Generously, the lowest available magnetic field level, located at the top of the right foot heater is 12mg. Dynamic sauna is built with an environment in mind, which is why our creation to use Canadian hemlock wood. 

This unit has a soft touch panel and led light; with a touch panel, you can control the sauna temperature. Low EMF carbon heating panels are capable of saving your energy.  

JNH Lifestyle 

JNH Lifestyle infrared sauna is made of Canadian hemlock wood. This unit has carbon fiber heating panels that relieve your back pain and comfort your body. With zero EMF carbon fiber heaters, this sauna provides you complete infrared therapy. 

The control panel, mainly designs that are helpful to you, controls the sauna temperature. Every wall panel is doubled-walled to save the sauna from extraneous risk and give you a large installation. Doubled walls also grant the inner fence to consume a large portion of the heat, and the outer walls will not get so hot, thus reducing the possibility of natural expansion.       

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Top 10 Best Unbiased Infrared Sauna Reviews 

1. BEURER IL50 infrared light therapy


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

This sauna is very extraordinary in our all best unbiased infrared sauna picks. I am amazed because it fights all the diseases inside the body. 

You can easily use infrared than when you are sitting in front of it. Direct light of this best unbiased infrared sauna is almost the wisest method to get infrared therapy.    

BEURER infrared light therapy can treat colds, tension, and muscle anguish by improving blood circulation and flexibility.

This unit has a large surface area of infrared light to be used on significant parts of the body like the chest and back.   

How does it work?

When the infrared hits the affected parts of the body, heat opens the stripe. This unit has also reformed the blood circulation and help to clean the toxin that naturally inside the body.  Your muscle feels relax when they feel the heat. 

The infrared lamp can also provide warming relief of colds and treat bronchial congestion as it trims inflammation, swelling and clears mucous clogged passages. 

Length range: 500nm-2500nm

Short wave range: IRA 800-1400nm

Middle wave range: IRB 1400nm-3000nm 

thumbs up regular


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Pain relief
  • Sinus infection relief
  • Not bulky
thumbs down regular


  • A bit unstable. It may tip-off and break


Can we see the red light when the unit is switched on?

Yes, you can see the light have you pressed buttons on both left and right.

Does this lamp produce far-infrared or near-infrared light?

I am also thinking about these lamps. For my back pain, I buy an infrared heat belt, but it never turns red.  

 How long does the bulb last?

2000 hours is the service life of the bulb. If you give it 15 minutes per treatment, it will be 8000 treatments.

Is this good for RSD/CRS?

It can help your CPR because it works for neuropathy.  

 2. JNH Lifestyle ENSI virtually zero EMF infrared sauna 


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

The ENSI has a two-person space feature of seven virtually zero-EMF carbon heaters. The couple uses the size of this unit because they feel relax in an impartial environment. And it’s only one size from a single unit; it’s also a popular option for human beings who wish for more space.  

This unit comprises 100% of Canadian hemlock wood, obtained from responsibly manage from the forest. This unit is made with virtually zero carbon fiber heaters panels. The panels maintain an infrared heat, so defeat any possible hot spot. 

This unit is made up of 100% of Canadian hemlock wood, obtained responsibly manage from the forest.  

thumbs up regular


  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Zero EMF
  • Heats up quickly
thumbs down regular


  • No major con is identifiable.


Can this gold go up, or is it too heavy? Is there a specific type of flooring?

I opened three boxes and picked up all the pieces myself, except the glass door. It is not so heavy that specific flooring is required. 

Is there a backstage? Or do you want to buy it?

No, you have to buy them personally. I got ahead and backrest. They are somewhat relaxing.   

Can the front panel be installed with the door on the opposite side as pictured?

I don’t think so because the cam lock is installed in certain places. You can contact the MFG and see if they change here and there. 

Can it be wired for 220 V?

Not confident, we plugged it into an actual shop.

Could one use internal chrome lighting?

The sauna is designed for chromo lightning, but the light bags are designed to work only with our chromotherapy light bulbs.    

3. KUPPET portable infrared home spa, an infrared portable home sauna


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

This unit is specially designed for infrared therapy at home. You can feel relaxed at home because this unit is a better detoxifier at home. 

The product shows that using this unit for only 10 minutes is equal to walk 30 minutes daily. 

The Heated foot mate and chair that is very comfortable to relax your body and warm your feet.

This unit also helps reduce your body weight, when you sweat, it helps you lose fat and even lose fat. This unit is entirely remote-controlled. And it can be easily twisted and placed any-where. 

thumbs up regular


  • Portable sauna 
  • 10 minutes use is equal to walk 30 minutes daily
  • It is beneficial to lose your body weight 
  • It is an entirely remote control 
  • Very relaxing home spa 
thumbs down regular


  • The chair does not look  comfortable
  • Most notably, it has compromising detox feature


Is there room to put in a more comfortable chair?

I buy a more significant and superior chair that grip 300 pounds.

Does it have a US plug?

Yes, it has an American plug. 

How can this benefit my face?

It will not happen, but your body feels relax in this sauna.  

Can it be used indoors?

Of course, this substance is private use.  

4. Radiant sauna 2-person hemlock infrared sauna with six carbon heater


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

This beautiful sauna is rich in relaxing properties, like oxygen ionizer, lightning, chromotherapy, restoration, and infrared heat.  This one is a tremendous example of a deluxe home sauna.

 This unit’s six-carbon heaters are in a position to arrange a single stream of scorching and comfortable air. 

A color therapy scheme with an LED light that provides you a special glow for the event, this sauna is well-preserved and very helpful to relax your body. 

Our best unbiased infrared sauna reviews would not complete without it. 

thumbs up regular


  • Infrared color therapy light 
  • Good sound system
  • Seven-year warranty 
  • Scratch-resistant, tempered glass door 
  • EZ touch led control
thumbs down regular


  • A bit expensive


Can this unit be used on a hidden porch?

It may be used outside, but I don’t think so. Electronics elements are closed with a piece of wood and pin but have a whole in them. If it’s raining around, it could bad for the electronic parts.

How do you use a bucket with water to create extra steam?

There is no stream as it is the best unbiased infrared sauna that warms up to you by 140 degrees. You should not use water because this is electric. 

Is this a wet or dry sauna?


Can this sauna be plugged into a 110 v outlet and still work?


5. Infrared far IR negative Ion portable indoor personal spa


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

It is a unique and high-quality portable sauna with a select beneficial properties unit. This unit is very adjustable with your room or any living environment without ample space. This sauna has a negative ion generator, a negative ion clean the air. Indeed, all air particles have a positive charge, and on the other hand, harmful particles have a negative charge. 

Using this unit, you feel as you are sitting near the waterfall and getting sunbathe. 

Therefore, it only takes 5 minutes to warm up this portable spa. It’s a little tiny thing for anyone with a small portable chair inside. 

This unit is accommodating to control your blood pressure, and you relax. 

thumbs up regular


  • Portable and safe
  • It’s easy to placed everywhere
  • Reduce your blood pressure 
  • Easy to clean 
  • You feel relaxed 
thumbs down regular


  • There is no space to put your head inside 
  • Not enough sweat


Can you have your head and hands inside?

Also, head, you can put your hand in it. 

Can this best unbiased infrared sauna fit a significant person nearly 6 ft tall? 

Yes, this infrared sauna is reliable for 6 ft human beings.

Does this come with a chair?
Yes, it also has a chair with this infrared sauna. 
What is harmful ion detox?

More negative electrical charges in the blood, the cell metabolic system is more active and increase the body’s immune system and fight to the disease.   

6. 48W Red light therapy bulb, 660nm, and near-infrared 850nm led infrared light heat lamp for body massage


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

This 48w red light near-infrared therapy lamp throws direct light in your body.  660nm red light can be consumed more adequately by skin, adjust skin problems. This infrared red light therapy improves your skin flexibilities, free pain, lower irritation, and more. Suppose you have a muscle ache, joint pain in the legs, back, arms, etc. It will be the right choice. 

This unit is better for home use and traveling.  You can enjoy your light therapy at any time and anywhere as a salon standard.  You only need to lighten up for 10 or 15 minutes in each term to reduce your pain and discomfort and refresh your daily life. 

Infrared red light therapy bulb is the most confidant gift for your family and friend. 

thumbs up regular


  • Aches and pain relive 
  • Easy to use 
  • Throws direct light 
  • Applied to any area of the body except eyes
  • Help wound healing  
thumbs down regular


  • Don’t look directly at the light source 
  • Remember not to be too close or touch the bulb when using it 


How close should I keep this to the skin for muscle or hair growth? Same?

6 inches away 

Does this light help with skin rejuvenation, such as wrinkles, firming, etc.?

Yes, this light is conducive to the renewal of your skin, like wrinkles, firming. 

Do I need to wear eye protection?

If you want to save your eye, you should wear something for aye safety. 


7. Serene Life portable infrared home spa, one person sauna


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

The most important thing that this robust and convenient sauna deserves our best unbiased infrared sauna picks. If you can’t sit still without something, so this is just for you.

If you want to get a mobile beauty spa or want to move your sauna from one room to another, this is the best portable infrared sauna that is easily compact, so you can pick it up or pack it when you need it. This sauna will be helpful if you are tired after a long day and get some rest. 

The better temperature that can be managed is 60 degrees Celsius. It helps to lower lethargy and weakness.  With the help of this sauna, you can feel relax and active the whole day. 

thumbs up regular


  • Easy access sit-in sauna design
  • Relaxing and shooting body therapy 
  • Heating element power output: 1050 watt
  • Highly rated on amazon 
  • Works on 120v
thumbs down regular


  • The fuse box click a lot 
  • The power unit flaming in some products
  • Heating elements harmful in some products 


The description says “low emf.” what is the emf level of this sauna?

This unit has a low EMF. Electric magnetic field.

Is it full-spectrum infrared?

This unit is a far infrared sauna; far infrared is better than full spectrum people, and this good for people. 

8. DYNAMIC SAUNA AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 person far infrared sauna 


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

Dynamic low EMF sauna is built up with the environment in mind. The reason is the use of Canadian hemlock wood. This sauna warms up faster and uses less energy.  Dynamic 1-2 person model offers six low infrared carbon heating panels that crop a more extensive, soft heat that is smoothly shared in a sauna. 

This sauna makes an environment that grants long-term heat energy to be consumed into the human body. The infrared radiation heat provides several health treatments, including weight loss and improves your skin condition, like acne, cellulite, and eczema.

thumbs up regular


  • So suitable for a variety of health benefit
  • It was straightforward to assemble
  • Pros-looks heat up fast and get heat
  • Six infrared carbon heaters panels
  • Soft-touch control panels and led display  
thumbs down regular


  • The bench and floor panels produce no heat.


Do you need to wear eye protection in this sauna? 

In this unit, you don’t need to wear anything for aye safety.

What is your warranty on this model?

This unit has a 5-year warranty, only electronic parts.

Does this sauna need any venting? 

It comes from the top of this sauna. No additional venting is needed. 

How many amps or watts does it use?

This unit required a 15 amp breaker 1400 wt. 

9. Serene Life portable full-size infrared home spa one person home sauna


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

Can’t go to the spa but want to get the experience of a bath?  With the help of this sauna kit, you can get complete comfort at your home. This best unbiased infrared sauna is smoothly portable. You can pick it up and pack it up when you need it. 

This sauna will be helpful if you are tired after a long day and get some rest. Using this sauna, you can read your favorite book and listen to good music. 

If you want to lose weight, then this sauna is a great choice. This best unbiased infrared sauna will burn your calories when you sweat. This sauna has a heating footpad and folding chair that are very comfortable. 

thumbs up regular


  • Fatigue and stress relief 
  • low-cost heating sauna 
  • easy access sit in a sauna
  • wired controller for timer and auto heat setting
  • integrating heating foot pad   
thumbs down regular


  • A bit expensive


Does it fold up an store away?

It is a portable sauna, so if you need lightweight, it can be. 

Where is this made?

Made by china

Can you set the unit up on the carpet?

If you want to attach it with the carpet, then it can be set on the rug. 

Is this infrared sauna near or far?

This sauna is for the infrared 

10. Golden design AMZ-GDI -6203-03 Versailles 2-person far infrared sauna


best unbiased infrared sauna


Buy from Amazon

Golden design low EMF 2-person far infrared sauna makes with the pure Canadian hemlock wood. With six low EMF infrared heat panels, you can get rid of back pain and joint pain. With soft-touch control panels, you can control the sauna’s temperature. Heating foot mate and foldable chairs are also very helpful to feel you comfortable. 

thumbs up regular


  • Six low EMF far infrared heating panels 
  • Electrical service: 110/15amp plug and play
  • It heats up moderately and quickly   
thumbs down regular


  • No major cons identifiable 


Can this sauna be used outdoors?

No, this sauna is not useful outdoor without cover because this is an electric unit; if there is rain near you, it could create a problem for this unit. 

Are there any heaters on the front panel?

No, there is no heater in the front panel.  

What is the EMF for this unit?

This unit has a low EMF.


These are the best unbiased infrared sauna on the market. Infrared waves can infiltrate into your skin; you can feel comfortable, unusually, when you are tired after a long day of work. There are some different types of the best unbiased infrared sauna, but you should choose the best one of them. If you have a vast space in your home, then you can choose a large best unbiased infrared sauna. 

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