Aquabot Vs Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner | Brand Comparison

Summer without a pool party? Doesn’t it sound ominous? Well, it does. And a swimming pool without a pool cleaner is something we can’t assume. While deciding for a pool cleaner, we mostly end up for Aquabot or Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner. Aquabot vs Dolphin is a never-ending discussion.

These two pool brands are the rival of one another as both have many fans and critics side by side. It’s never too easy to choose any one of them as both are fierce competitors. We found it hard and decided to make it so far easy for the readers. 

Robotic pool cleaners are the smart devices to make your pools crystal clear more efficiently and quickly. You can get far better results in less time and effort than doing it manually. All you have to push a button and let the Robotic Pool Cleaner do the cleaning duty in no time.

There are several robotic pool cleaners brands in the industry, but the Aquabot vs Dolphin remains at the top. The objective of compiling this comparison is to highlight the best brand among these two champions in the industry. Let’s have a look and make your choice clear at the end between Aquabot vs Dolphin Robotic pool cleaners.

Aquabot vs Dolphin – The Brands Comparison

Aquabot Vs Dolphin

Robotic pool cleaners are your new assistance to keep your pool crystal clear and hygienic. Today, the market is full of several efficient pool cleaners having excellent features. Aquabot vs Dolphin, these two pool brands have an extensive range of pool cleaners that have promising results in pools.

Aquabot and Dolphin are the two traditional rivals on one page. Both the pool brands have a separate fan base, and these brands are maintaining the success streak since their birth. When we talk about the difference between Aquabot vs Dolphin, the fundamental difference is size and weight. Yes, you read it right.

Aquabot pool cleaners are a bit smaller and lightweight as compared to Dolphin pool cleaners. But this discrepancy is not that big as only 3 pounds is creating the conspiracy. Both the rival pool brands have built-in navigation systems but with two different technologies. Aquabot is featuring SmartNavigation mapping capabilities, and Dolphin features AquaSmart navigation technology.

Another notable difference between both brands is the filtration system. Both have an outstanding filtration system, but that operates with different technology. Aquabot is famous for its MultiMedia filtration abilities while Dolphin holds JetForce smart filtration technology. 

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Let’s explore some more specifications of Aquabot vs Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners that make these brands stand out in the pool cleaners industry.





22 pounds

25 pounds


23.5” x 20” x 14.”

20.8” x 20.5” x 18.5”


Walls, Floors, Waterlines

Walls, Floors, Waterlines


24v 180W

24v 180W








60-ft anti-tangle swivel

60-ft anti-tangle swivel





Inground Pool

Inground Pool




Specifications of Aquabot vs Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

Aquabot vs Dolphin

These two best pool cleaner brands share the highest part of the industry. It’s all because of its advanced features and the highest product quality. Let’s see what best features and specifications these two fine brands have to share with us.

Aquabot vs Dolphin, which one to choose? These specifications review will help you to decide. 


Both the pool brands have compelling designs in the industry. With such a sturdy and robust design, both the pool brands justify the money you spend on them.

 Aquabot pool cleaners have piston-design that highlight this brand among the competitors. It is manufactured in terms of enhancing the usability of the product. The ErgoGrip handle of Aquabot is too helpful to hold and carry the pool device out of the swimming pool.

Aquabot vs Dolphin, both brands include the caddy in the package that means the transportation of the device is easy and hassle-free. You don’t have to get into the worry. It is easy when moving from one place to another with any of this pool cleaner.

Furthermore, both the brands feature the 60 feet long cord in each model. But the difference arises in the weight where Aquabot has the 40% lighter cable than the Dolphin pool cleaners. So, if your priority is lightweight, then here definitely Aquabot wins. 

Both the competitors have 360-degree anti-tangle swivel hose that makes the robot twist-free while moving in the pool. A sigh of relief for the user as time and effort is saved. It saves the customer from getting into the tension of separating the device many times. 

So, based on the design in Aquabot vs Dolphin, Aquabot is the champion here. This brand brings lightweight pool units in the market. The rest is the same in both brands if you see them from a design perspective.

Cleaning Capability

What best in cleaning aspect these pool cleaner brands have to share? Let’s learn it keenly!

Priority Cleaning

As a pool owner, whenever we are going to buy a cleaner, our foremost priority is always to check the cleaning mode and capability of a specific pool cleaner. A good pool covers the entire swimming pool, including walls, floor, steps, and waterline. Bothe the pool brands are the best at their cleaning purpose. The cleaning coverage of the swimming pool is fantastic on both sides. 

But here, we need to decide the one, so Dolphin is flag bearer here as it does a bit better job of cleaning the walls than Aquabot cleaners.

Filtration System

Aquabot vs Dolphin both have many things in stock, but the filtration system is quite different in both brands. Aquabot has an efficient while Dolphin brings the versatile filtration system. 

The Multimedia technology of the dolphin filtration system makes it easy to connect multiple filters to the pool cleaner. That’s a compelling feature that you can utilize any filter type, including standard filter, micro-cartridge, oversized debris bag, or disposable bag. These options make it versatile.

You can opt for any cleaning type according to your requirement; either you want to collect large leaves or micro dirt and debris chose the most suited filter.

In the Aquabot case, it features the JetForce technology that makes it more work efficient. The efficient filter of Aquabot does a great job of fetching the contaminants from the pool. The highlighted method of this technology is the venturi effect that parts the debris from water powerfully.

Dolphin wins here because of its versatility and powerful filter options, but Aquabot lacks in this. So, the vote goes to Dolphin – Maytronics in Aquabot vs Dolphin.

Cleaning Brushes

Okay, that is something that we must be talking about as cleaning brushes play a vital role in cleaning pool cleaner. Dolphin has two cleaning brushes that scrub and clean the pool efficiently without leaving any debris behind. 

Aquabot features the TripleClean powerful technology. Three scrubbing brushes clean the pool. Two brushes are responsible for scrubbing the pool and saving it from developing the algae and other stains on the waterline. A third brush known as CleanSweep brush cleans the debris and dirt with fast movement.

Both share the same cleaning experience, while Aquabot has the power of addressing the three different scrubbing areas that Dolphin doesn’t. So, it makes the difference here, and Aquabot becomes the winner in Aquabot vs Dolphin. Both the pool brands do a distinctive job by cleaning the walls, floor, step, and waterline. And that’s all a pool owner can wish for.

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Motor Competence

The work efficiency directly depends on the motor efficiency of the pool cleaner, so it’s essential to consider this factor before buying a pool cleaner. So, check the power and effectiveness of the motor of the pool cleaner you want to buy. Let’s find what essential aspects should be considered in these two pool brands’ engines.


The use of swimming pools increases in summer, and there is a dire need to keep the pool clean in this hot weather. You must keep in mind that frequent the use of pool cleaner, higher will be electricity expenses. So, your pool cleaner’s motor must have excellent work efficiency.

And the best thing is both the rivals have premium quality and highly-optimized efficient motors that don’t burden the electricity bills. Both the brands bring the pool cleaners in the market that have energy-efficient motors that save from overbilling.

Also, the smart navigation systems in both brands help the cleaner to move in the right direction without taking unnecessary routes. These methodical cleaning patterns help the pool cleaner making the right way.  With such powerful features, it becomes hard to select any one of these two in Aquabot vs Dolphin. 


The backyard pool doesn’t affect you much when the cleaner is making noise while cleaning. Anyhow, it is vital to consider it as a factor. Who would love to bear the pool cleaner noise when it’s doing a cleaning job? No one. 

Both the pool brands feature advanced technology that reduces the 40% noise as compared to the same options in the industry. Both have minimal noise when working, and it makes both of them ideal.


Durability is the must consider feature in any product. How long the motor, hoses, filters last?  The motor durability is paramount as it spends it’s most of the life under the water. And it’s not that easy to replace the genuine motor with the exact engine if it gets out of order. You have to dig your pocket for this purpose. So, look for the brand that offers the pool cleaners with long life and durable motor. 

Aquabot vs Dolphin both is the starlet options in terms of durability and quality.


These two intelligent pool brands are best for a reason. The powerful smart navigations will map out your pool entirely and save your pool cleaner from unwanted routes. Both the brands Aquabot vs Dolphin are featuring these smart navigation capabilities and where the difference falls? Let’s find out!

AquaSmart vs.Smart-Nav system

Aquabot pool cleaner features the AquaSmart navigation system that designs a complete area inside the pool. At the same time, the Dolphin pool cleaner comes with Smart Navigation Scanning Technology that scans the entire pool area and helps the pool cleaner to take efficient routes.

Both the technologies are unique and efficient, and it’s difficult to choose the one brand based on the Navigation system.


We couldn’t choose the best brand based on navigating and mapping, but tracks will give a clear verdict. The tracks are the crucial parts helping your pool cleaner to move on the routes.

The EverGrip tracks of Aquabot pool cleaners perform a great job from the start, but at some slippery points, it starts losing its Grip, and here the scrubbing of your pool affects.

On the contrary, Dolphin comes with HyperGrip track that doesn’t allow this pool device to lose it’s Grip at least once on all surfaces. Dolphin covers all areas, including algae places where Dolphin smoothly works to clean the walls, floor, or everywhere.

So, here we make our verdict that Dolphin is a champion from a navigation perspective. Dolphin stands out with its Hypergrip tracks for maneuvring purposes in Aquabot vs Dolphin. 


Surely Convenience is the thing no one would compromise on which. Everyone would love to look for it first when going to buy the pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaner promises to be the most convenient and independent pool unit working its own.

The cleaning cycle helps you at the start and gives you this comfort that the robot performs cleaning according to your Convenience. The robot doesn’t need you every time to start the cleaning work as it will follow it’s scheduled time. The remote control is a plus one Convenience as you just have to push a button.

Aquabot wins here as it comes with a built-in timer, and you can set the customizable schedule. So, Aquabot fits your needs in terms of Convenience in Aquabot vs Dolphin.


Robotic pool cleaners come with sensible product assurance, and one must look for this before going to buy pool cleaners. But one thing is essential to realize that not a single device is perfect that it wouldn’t face any problem.  So, your choice should be a product with a warranty.

Generally, pool cleaners come with at least one year of warranty, but Aquabot and Dolphin come with the three years of product assurance.

Here, you must be aware that the warranty applies to every part of the product, so read the terms and conditions to clear your concerns. 

Product Value

I think the first thing we must consider before any feature is the value of the particular product. Does this pool cleaner worth of our investment? Should we spend our money on it? Aquabot vs Dolphin both offers fantastic features for their customers.

Both the pool brands justify the price we spend on them in terms of features, working and Convenience. Aquabot can be the best choice if you are a little tighter on money, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Both products are excellent options for their customers.

In case you can afford it, then go for the Dolphin. It’s still top of the list.

Aquabot Pool Cleaners FAQs

Does Aquabot cable get tangled?

It doesn’t happen frequently but may be due to some reasons as the pool pump is on when the cleaner is cleaning the pool, or you are putting the entire cable in the water.

Why does the cleaner move slowly sometimes?

It may be due to the clogged filter bag. Empty the filter bag and run it regularly.

Why my Aquabot cleaner is not pumping water?

This issue happens when the propeller on the top of the robot is not spinning. Check it and remove the thing that is disturbing it. If it is not so, then it must be the motor issue.

Dolphin Pool Cleaners FAQs

Can I leave my Dolphin power Supply out?

The dolphin power supply is not waterproof but water-resistant. Protect the device from staying in standing water as the internal parts will be damaged.

Can I use the Dolphin pool cleaner with a surge protector extension cord?

An extension cord is not recommended to use with a dolphin, while surge protector is safe to use with Dolphin.

Is Dolphin safe to use when I am in the pool?

We dont recommend using Dolphin for cleaning when the user is in the swimming pool for swimming.

What is the best temperature range to use Dolphin Cleaner?

Dolphin cleaners perform best between 43 to 93 degrees.

What is the best way of removing Dolphin from the pool?

Simply pull the robot to the edge with a floating cable. Hold it from the handle and remove it from the water. Put the cleaner on the side of the pool to drain the remaining water.

Are dolphin pool cleaners for cleaning the hot tubs or ponds, etc.?

No, these cleaners are not designed for this purpose.

Final words

So, Aquabot vs Dolphin, are always giving tough time to each other. You may confuse a lot of time that which brands you should go for and which should you let go. These brands are bit pricey, but the quality, performance, and features justify the amount you will spend on it. Any of this option will be best for your pool, looking crystal clear.

But in case you have to decide only one product then Dolphin will be the first option. Both have almost the same specifications but a little difference in the price range.  So, make a wise choice and have good swimming vibes.

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