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Dolphin Active 20 vs s200: Which One is the Leading Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Dolphin active 20 vs S200 robotic pool cleaners: who stands out in the battle? Let’s dive into the flared discussion.

In the pool cleaner organizations, Dolphin is the number one selling brand of robotic pool cleaners. With over 35 years of superior experience in the cleaning of swimming pools in both residential and commercial settings, the Dolphin Active Robotic Pool Cleaner is the finest in the world. The modern system in the Dolphin Active products is constantly setting the benchmark for other cleaner organizations.

The Dolphin brand is among the world’s leading brands in automated robotic pool cleaning technologies. In the cleaning pool industry, robotic pool cleaners, Dolphins, are used as heavy-duty cleaners. Without a doubt, they are ideal for keeping the longevity of a household pool. They can maintain any type or shape of a pool. There is simply no comparison to other pool cleaners.

The vacuum and pressure systems used by most pool cleaner brands rely on suction and pressure that is unnecessary on external features. However, the Dolphin products come with plug-and-play functions as part of their internal pool filtration system. Dolphin active robotic pool cleaners eradicate the problem of pool maintenance and keep pools clean. An impressive five to seven years is the intermediate lifespan of Dolphin products. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are highly potent and thoroughly cleaned.

Dolphin Active 20 Robotic Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Active 20 pool cleaner


The Dolphin Active 20 has one of the best scrubbing techniques among robotic pool cleaners. A rapid water release feature makes it simple to take this type of cleaner outside your pool. Superior filtration ensures your pool seems sparkling clean. Next-generation technique with dual brushes and wall coverage designed for all sizes of pools.

In addition to its outstanding filtering talents, the Active 20 offers intensified washing capability. This robot affords an equal opportunity to all pool categories, including those that are built of gunite. This project functions as the most effective pool scrubbing tool throughout all pool varieties. Dolphin Active 20’s plug-and-play action relieves pool buyers of the obligation of pool care.

The Dolphin Active 20 has a greater cleaning capability than its precursor, which practically cleans the pool floor, the walls, and the waterline. Experience superior Dolphin Active 20 robotic pool cleaner with this standard robot. With its lightweight design and quick water release, Dolphin Active is easy to use. The filtration options allow you to separate the fine dirt from the large debris. 

A system in the Active 20 product automatically steers around obstacles and immediately returns to its route. With cutting-edge features and a multilayer filtration system, pool cleaning is easy to carry out in just 1-2 hours. This robot provides a positive intelligent solution for all inground swimming pool types. It comes with a 24-month limited warranty. 

thumbs up regular


  • Smart methods for all pools
  • Limitation of Responsibility
  • Excellent filtering techniques
thumbs down regular


  • A bit costly
  • No substitution of spare parts


How often should I run the dolphin pool cleaner?

In ideal circumstances, you need to run your robot pool cleaner daily, and even more often if you constantly use the pool. Nevertheless, if you don’t swim in it that often, run it at least once a week or every two weeks. If you are using a swimming pool cover all the time, you may have to wash your pool monthly.

Are our automatic pool cleaners worth it?

Even though automatic pool cleaners are not perfect, and they can be more expensive, sometimes they may be worth it because of the convenience and time savings they provide.

Should I cover my pool every night?

The heat from a swimming pool will be reduced when it is covered at night. With a pool that relies on heat from the sun, it is possible to cover it at night and assure the water is warm enough to swim in the next day, as opposed to losing all the heat overnight when the temperature drops.

Dolphin Active s200 Robotic Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Active s200 pool cleaner


The Dolphin Active s200 Robotic Pool Cleaner is constructed to deliver a deep clean. With its powerfully maneuverable construction, it is optimal for intensified wall and waterline cleaning when confronting vertical surfaces. Due to its superior filtration techniques, dirt and dust can’t hide from this submerged cleaning device. There is a restricted guarantee of 24 months on this pool cleaner. 

You can handle the Dolphin S200 effortlessly because it has an ultra-lightweight design and a fast water hose release. The dual active combing and PowerStream Mobility System provide efficient pool coverage, with extra-thorough cleaning on all surfaces, leaving the floor, walls, and waterline pristine. Embrace pool scrubbing with a contemporary, upgraded robot

Several different filtration adjuncts are included in the Dolphin Active s200 to remove rough debris or fine dirt from your pool floor and waterline to leave them clear. One of the best pool cleaners that Dolphin offers is the Active s200 Robotic system. A pool cleaner of this type operates for about 2 hours to provide the best possible cleaning results.

thumbs up regular


  • Efficient Cleaning
  • Always pleasure to handle
  • Optimal underwater cleaning machine
thumbs down regular


  • The filter deserves to be cleared often
  • Expensive surplus


Should you run the pool pump during the day or at night?

It is always recommended to run your pool pump during the hottest days of the year. If you leave it running at night, then the sunbeam will attack the chlorine that remains in the pool. It’ll cause algae growth real quick, so running the pump when the pool is being utilized is a great idea.

How much energy do pool pumps use?

Several factors determine how much your pump will cost. The optimum pump will use the least amount of power at the highest efficiency. Generally, bigger pumps consume more energy, which means the more you pay for them.

How often should I add chlorine to the pool?

During the swimming season, this value should be between 1 and 1.5 ppm. We recommend that the values be checked twice a week. You can use a manual indicator kit or a digital alternative like the Blue Connect Plus.

Dolphin Active 20 vs s200 Robotic Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Active 20 vs s200

Let’s take a look at these two Dolphin products, Active 20 and Active s200, comparing the structure and characteristics of these two products. Both tools set a benchmark for all other challengers in the sector which have offering pressure pool cleaners.


Designed with a deep clean in mind, the Dolphin Active s200 Robotic Pool Cleaner delivers superior cleaning performance. With a powerfully maneuverable construction, it can provide effective deep cleaning of vertical surfaces when faced with a wall or waterline. On the other hand, Dolphin Active 20 Robotic Pool Cleaner has one of the best scrubbing techniques among robotic pool cleaners. The rapid-release feature of this type of cleaner makes it easy to take it outside your pool. It provides superior filtration that keeps your pool sparkling clean.

Washing span

Both Dolphin products have almost the same washing span. For the best possible cleaning results, Dolphin Active s200 Robotic Pool Cleaner operates for approximately 2 hours. As an alternative, there is a system in the Dolphin Active 20 product that intelligently avoids obstacles and returns directly to its route when it comes into contact with them. The pool can be cleaned in just 1-2 hours with its cutting-edge features and multilayer filtration system. 


There are several different filtration adjuncts included in the Dolphin Active s200 to remove any fine dirt from your pool’s floor or waterline to make them clear. The Active s200 Robotic pool cleaner is one of the best pool cleaners Dolphin offers.

The Dolphin Active 20This robot is designed to give equal opportunity to all pool types, including those that are made of gunite. The project functions provide the most comprehensive and comprehensive swimming pool scrubbing method available. Dolphin Active 20’s plug-and-play action relieves pool buyers of the obligation of pool care.


Dolphin active 20 and s200 pool cleaners have a 24-month limited warranty. Due to this, customers become more interested in the products. Also, you can expect the device to function properly for four to five years. You can even expect the device to last eight years with the correct maintenance.


Both pool cleaners are manufactured with the finest materials available in the world. They give excellent results in cleaning the pool in every corner of the world. These product systems were set up to provide what our customers want. So, we can say that these tools are essential to cleaning the pool so that the summer days can be enjoyed at the home pool, not at the beach.


Many Dolphin cleaners are among the best in their classes, styles, and they leave swimming pools sparkling clean with little effort on your part. Regardless of whether the pool is inground or aboveground, Dolphin’s robotic cleaners provide the same high-quality cleaning. In addition to being effective and bringing unique benefits to your swimming pool, Dolphin products systems have gained a reputation as the best in the industry.

Our opinion is that the best product between the Dolphin Active 20 vs s200 is the Dolphin Active s200 robotic pool cleaner because of its clever design that incorporates two different types of innovations, resulting in the creation of a one-of-a-kind product in the pressure pool cleaner industry. This is the only product with seven different styles to clear the pool that attracts the customer’s attention toward itself.

So, grab it today!

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