Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Haven’t you picked up any dolphin pool cleaner for your pool yet? Then check this Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner review to choose the best out of your quest. 

Dolphin is such an excellent brand in pool cleaners with all compelling technologies and fancy attributes. If you are a cleaning freak, you can’t let your pool go without proper cleaning activities.

Having a pool sounds cool but what seems more cool is having the crystal clear pool. It doesn’t come with an effort, and you have to select the best for your pool. Have a look at this comparison Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner! It is going to help you to the fullest.

Dolphin Active 30i Pool Cleaner


dolphin active 30i vs s300i


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The Dolphin Active 30i is from the leading brand’s house in the market, and you would never witness any compromise on quality. This pool unit will give you a full hands-off cleaning experience with its active and sharp movement. 

Dolphin Active 30i in Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner performs best for the in-ground swimming pools of up to 50 feet. It weighs 16.5 lbs and comes with two years of product assurance. The caddy is included in the package to make transportation easy and hassle-free.

This fully Bluetooth controlled pool cleaner has the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. You can enjoy all the advanced features while cleaning your swimming pool. Enjoy the customizable cleaning schedules to ensure the best results for your pool.

This dolphin pool cleaner is relatively lightweight and sleek in design. You can carry it easily without the hassle of being weighty. You can set up the cleaning schedule as per your convenience: weekly or twice a week. You may have the bold and squeaky clean pool floor.

This unit has a multi-layered filter type with an extra-large top-loaded basket to collect the debris. The top pop up basket helps to make the filter clean in no time. So the maintenance becomes easy. It provides coverage to the entire pool, including walls, floors, and waterline. It takes 1 to 2 hours for a complete cleaning cycle to make your pool crystal clear.

The powerful 30i pool cleaner features the weekly timer, cycle selector, and delay mode. The 60 feet anti-tangle swivel cable allows this pool cleaner to move freely and more efficiently in your pool. So far, this can be a wise choice for your pool.

Dolphin S300i Robotic Pool Cleaner


dolphin active 30i vs s300i


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Dolphin has many gems in its bucket, and one of the best is Dolphin S300i Robotic Pool Cleaner.  Dolphin s300i, as a most interactive pool cleaner, works best to make your pool crystal clear.

It works ideally with the inground pool up to 50 feet and weighs 16.5 lbs. It has the capability of complete pool coverage. The active scrubber brushes the pool to the last spot and debris. The s300i pool machine has Bluetooth connectivity that makes it more easily handlable even from a distance. 

You can set the advance cleaning schedules, select from cleaning cycles, choose the delay start, and even the spot clean option with the MyDolphin Plus App installed on your phone.

This feature makes the Dolphin s300i in Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner more technology-friendly. You can look after your pool, even sitting in your office chair anytime.

PowerStream mobility system helps this pool unit navigate the complete poo,l including floor, walls, and the waterline. S300i with multi-layers filtration system makes removes all types of debris, either subtle or stubborn.

Integrated fine and ultra-fine filters are featuring in this advanced dolphin pool cleaner. The Top load filter access makes the cleaning super-quick and easy. It saves your time, effort, and manual handling.

This pool cleaner is available with18m cable and also with a two-wheeled caddy for easy transportation. This giant features pool machine comes with 24 months warranty. Watching all such superior features, anyone could wish to clean their pool with this machine.

Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner | A Comparative Analysis

Dolphin products have always shown their worth in terms of features, quality, and pricing. Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner is a discussion going to give you side by side features overview of both products. Let’s have a look at this analysis.


Hands off cleaning option are the best thing both the dolphin products own. Dolphin Active 30i and s300i Pool Cleaners both have Bluetooth connectivity and an enabling app system. It will save you from the incredible hassle of being on time and start the cleaning process.

The user can use this anywhere, any time with just a push of a button on your mobile phone. The blue tooth plus Wi-Fi connectivity is the strength of both sparkling pool units by dolphin Maytronics.

Dolphin 30i in Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner can produce the product’s pro-remote features, which is the feather in its crown. Also LED indicator shows up all the relevant working status of this pool machine. The multifunction power supply saves your time and energy. You can choose from the cleaning mode options, the required mode, and here the cleaner go. 

All this is possible with the simple and easy touch screen control panel. Dolphin s300i has the smart, clean scanning technology that makes it possible for the pool unit to cover the entire pool. Two powerful scrubbing brushes and two rubber tractor-like treads are also the strength of this pool unit.


Dolphin 30i shares the weakness of being a bit pricey. It no doubt justifies this drawback with many compelling features, but it becomes hard for many of the customers to afford this. Another negative point it owns is the poor cord design. Sometimes, it becomes trouble to carry this type of messy cord.

Dolphin s300i is beautiful in design and features, but also a pricey product. Being an expensive pool cleaner, it is not in everyone’s court. Also, sometimes it faces difficulty to steer with the app; at that time, it becomes a headache to control it from a distance. Sometimes, the pool cleaner cause trouble with the lack of a lift system, but it happens in rare cases.

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Final Verdict

Summing it up with the verdict that Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner is a never-ending discussion. We can’t just hold the one superior to the other as it becomes quite tricky when it comes to the dolphin product comparison. 

Both the robotic pool cleaners have the essential highlights with a lot more technical features. As we learn from other’s reviews, and both the pool cleaners have the maximum positive responses. Now it’s your turn to make the one out of Dolphin Active 30i vs s300i Pool Cleaner your choice. Go for it!

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