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Dolphin Nautilus vs Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaners

Maytronics is a giant competitor in the pool cleaner industry providing quality-gracious products for so long. Dolphin Nautilus vs Nautilus Plus is a comparative battle between the two feathers of the same crown. How? Let’s find out here.

Dolphin pool cleaners will ensure that your pool is always spotless. Dolphin robots move freely around the pool, remove debris from the water, and clean the pool wall, floor, and waterline with an advanced brushing system. They clean any shape or size pool more efficiently and thoroughly.

No other automatic pool cleaner compares to Dolphin robotic pool cleaners because of their ease of use, performance, and reliability. 

Dolphin Active Robotic Pool Cleaners deliver reliable and cost-effective pool cleaning. This automated, high-performance cleaner delivers deep cleaning without the brush. The best pool cleaner globally, the Dolphin Active Robotic Pool Cleaner’s experience cleaning pools exceeds 35 years.

Dolphin is the world’s largest automated robotic pool cleaning technology manufacturer and provides pool owners an easy, hassle-free, efficient, and non-disruptive cleaning solution.

Among the latest innovations in the automatic pool cleaner industry, the Dolphin Active Robotic Pool Cleaner eliminates the hassle and leaves your pool clean and fresh. Dolphin products are guaranteed to last at least five to seven years.

The Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is indeed highly potent, thorough. It is used in the cleaning pool industries as a heavy-duty cleaner in the cleaning pool markets. It is the ideal cleaner for household pools regardless of the quality of the water used.

Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner


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Efficiency is a key for pool cleaning, which is why Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners are unique. A Dolphin is eight times more energy-efficient Nautilus than your existing pool pump or filter and doesn’t depend on that to do its job. Therefore, you will be able to save energy immediately with each pool cleaning. Dolphin products do all the hard work. Clean your pool with CleverClean Technology’s sophisticated algorithm that efficiently scans the pool and cleans the wall, floor, and drain. There are no random patterns.

With superior scrubbing capabilities and filtering capabilities, the Nautilus Pool cleaner was created for the effortless cleaning of your pool. With exceptional floor and wall cleanliness, you can relax knowing your pool is exceptionally clean.

Using just a touch of a button, schedule Nautilus Pool cleaners to automatically clean your pool three times a week: day by day, 2 or 3 times a week. This unique cleaner is ideal for in-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet in length and will leave your pool crystal clean in just 2 hours.

Large bottom-load cartridge filters with high suction rates collect leaves and fine debris and leave your pool sparkling clean in 3 hours. Hassle-free maintenance is the highlight. Its patented anti-tangling cable allows the Nautilus to move around your pool without requiring hoses or booster pumps. These Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners utilize 8X less energy than any suction and pressure cleaner.


  • Best Dolphin pool cleaner.
  • Full pool coverage to the waterline.
  • Swivel cable.


  • Vague instructions.


Do I need to remove my robotic pool cleaner from the pool?

It’s not necessary to remove the filter from your pool after every cleaning session. Despite this condition, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage the plastic components and rubber on the machine. Don’t forget to store it away from the sun.

Should a pool pump be run at night?

You should only run the pump at night when you are doing an effective chemical treatment, like cleaning up algae. The pool is more vulnerable during the day, as plants don’t grow at night as they do during the day.

Do dolphin pool cleaners run forever?

A fully automatic, fully self-contained device, Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner will clean your pool in about three hours. Just toss it into the pool, plug it in and let it clean.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner


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Dolphin Nautilus Plus robotic pool cleaner gets rid of outgoing pool cleaning tasks for good. Designed for in-ground pools up to 50 feet, this cleaner is easy to use and will get your pool clean and sparkle in just two hours. This cleaner allows you to spend more time having fun in your pool and less time cleaning it. The motions aren’t random. This type of robot also moves in a back-and-forth pattern, making sure that your pool is entirely covered by the end of the day.

With over 35 years of experience in cleaning residential pools, Dolphins provides pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning experience that exceeds industry standards. You can consume less time maintaining your pool and more time using it. Our Nautilus Plus was designed to simplify pool cleaning. Thanks to its superior scrubbing and filtering capabilities, you can sit back and relax, knowing your pool’s walls and floor will be left exceptionally clean as well.

In contrast to the Double-brush system, the Nautilus Plus has two brushes and a timer that allows you to schedule fully automated cleaning. With the Nautilus Plus, you get a larger filter for larger debris and two large filters for the smaller debris. Like the Dolphin products, the large filter is loaded from the top by opening a hinged door.


  • Fast
  • Aggressive
  • Cleaning smart


  • Does not scrub the waterline


Do robotic pool cleaners work?

A robotic cleaner is effective at removing large and small debris. The pump also cleans the tile lines and pool walls and circulates pool water when your filter isn’t running. The cleaner lifts debris through its pump, which means it is not dependent on your filter system.

Why does my dolphin pool cleaner stop working?

Clean the filters and the impeller. Restart the cleaner and press and hold the reset button for approximately 5 – 20 seconds until the light goes off. If still, no light goes off, take it back to your local dealer or contact Maytronics Customer Service.

Do robotic pool cleaners pick up algae?

Robotic pool cleaners are typically used to clean in-ground pools, though they can also clean the floor of above-ground pools. Robotic pool cleaners are equipped with their power supply and filter media to clean common pool contaminants like dirt, algae, and small debris.

Dolphin Nautilus vs Nautilus Plus Pool Cleaners – A Comparative Analysis

Dolphin Nautilus vs Nautilus Plus

Let’s have a glance at the one-to-one comparison of both the victorious products of Maytronics.


A Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner is unique. A Dolphin uses less energy than your existing pool pump or filter and doesn’t rely on those to do its job. Using CleverClean Technology’s sophisticated algorithms, this pool cleaner cleans the pool using a highly organized scan pattern that systematically scans the pool and only cleans the wall, floor, and drain. While Dolphin Nautilus Plus cleaner moves in a back and forth pattern, ensuring that your pool is entirely covered by the end of the day.

Pool Type

Each pool cleaner is used to clean pools that have been installed in-ground and have excellent cleaning results. Dolphins provide pool owners with a hassle-free pool cleaning experience that exceeds industry standards. Cleaning your pool is a chore; spend as much time as you like enjoying your pool. Our Nautilus series is designed to simplify pool cleaning.

Cleaning Cycle

Simple is sometimes the best way to go. The Dolphin Nautilus Pool Cleaner’s controls are streamlined for ease of use. A simple touch to a button starts the cleaning cycle. Compared to robotic pool cleaners made by other brands, cleaning takes 2 to 2.5 hours when a cycle is initiated. On the other hand, Dolphin Nautilus Plus Pool Cleaner takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete an entire cleaning cycle. 


The Double-brush system in the Nautilus Plus has two brushes and a timer that allows you to schedule fully automated cleaning. With the Nautilus Plus, you get a larger filter for larger debris and two large filters for the smaller debris. On the other hand, the Nautilus Pool cleaner has a single-brush system that leaves your pool sparkling clean in just 2 hours.


Nautilus Pool cleaner uses a single brush system that leaves your pool sparkling clean in only 2 hours, while on the other hand Nautilus Plus Pool cleaner utilizes a dual brush system. In both the Dolphin products, the cleaning cycle is initiated by a simple push of a button.


Among a variety of pool cleaners, the best robotic pool cleaner for our purposes between the Nautilus and the Dolphin Nautilus is the Nautilus plus pool cleaner because of its features, which work very well remove dirt, debris, and sediment from the pool. So you can spend less time scrubbing your pool. We suggest you try the products of Dolphin.

Many dolphin cleaners rank among the best in their classes, styles and leave swimming pools sparkling clean without you having to do much on your end. The Dolphin robotic cleaners offer the same high-quality pool cleaning, whether an above-ground pool or an inground pool. Dolphin products are not only effective but also have unique advantages for your pool. They became a name in the industry as people can trust Dolphin products directly.

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