Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

Here, the comparison is between Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier, and we assure you at the end, you will be able to pick up one of these advanced pool machines.

Sometimes, we got so astonished that how fastly we are making our lives so comfortable and luxurious. By owning your pool, you can enjoy a hot bath or a pool party anytime, so cleanliness is essential.

In the words of Dennis Rodman

“Life is like a swimming pool. You fall into the water, but you can’t recognize how mysterious it is.”

Keep in mind these words and imagine swimming in a pool with elevated thoughts to relax your body and refresh your soul. When you go deep into the swimming pool, you find several leaves and debris in the pool here and there.

Then what?

It means a tragic end of a high romantic dream. No way you can still relax your body and can refresh your soul while swimming in the pool if you have a pool cleaner. Before we jump into Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner review, let’s understand some important things.

What is a pool cleaner?

A pool cleaner is a device that worked as a vacuum cleaner and is used to collect leaves, debris, and creepy-crawly items from the swimming pool to keep it like a waterly (my invented word) heaven on the earth in the water.

To maintain the hygiene of the pool itself is a difficult task. But this task is well handled by Maytronics. 

What is Maytronics?

Maytronics is a global diva in the arena of robotic pool cleaners. This company has a considerable share of the products which are used to keep the swimming pools clean.  

There are many pool cleaners available in the market, but in this article, I am going to discuss a pool cleaner introduced by Maytronics. 

Selecting the best product which fits and fulfill the needs of the person is itself a herculean task.  

From several Maytronics pool cleaner products, Dolphin Premiere and Dolphin Oasis Z5 are the best of the lot, and we have compared both Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner in this piece of writing.

These automatic pool cleaners are valuable due to their features, functions, usage operation, and performance in cleaning the swimming pool.

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Dolphin Oasis Z5 VS Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaners

Let’s have a look at these products separately first.

Dolphin Oasis Z5 Robotic Cleaner


Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier


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The Dolphin Oasis Z5 pool cleaner, in Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner, is one of the states of the art pool cleaner. Its powerful features distinguish this product from other available pool cleaners in the market.

Duel drive motor

Oasis Z5 is equipped with a dynamic dual drive motor to enable the robotic machine to clean irrespective of the pool’s shape and different obstacles in the cleaning process.

Smart scanning and Navigational Technology

It selects the most efficient route to clean every inch of the pool. Its intelligent navigational system is fantastic. Its advanced navigation system and scanning technology can clean every section of your pool by selecting the efficient route and returns.

Control remotely

Its smart app and Bluetooth option make it even better working compared with other cleaning mechanic robots.

No more tangling

Tangled cables can stop the cleaner. But the availability of anti-tangled cable has resolved this issue.

Multi-function power supply

Multi-function power supply makes it energy saving.

Built-in gyro

Its built-in gyro for complete coverage can detect the surface and ensure the thorough cleaning of the floor and walls.

Double the filter capacity

It has two extra-large size filter compartments. It can double the capacity of the cleaner.

In-front and back work brushes 

 Oasis Z5 works like a tank. It’s split in-front, and back work brushes enable it to work like a tank.

A list of some significant features distinguished them from other pool cleaners available in the market.

Dolphin Oasis Z5i

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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner


Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier


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Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner, Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the best pool cleaners. Maytronics first released it in 2013, and after this, this pool cleaner was updated in 2016. Now it has become one of the best pool cleaners.  These features distinguish this product from other products.

High-speed spinning brushes

Its smart technology of high-speed spinning brushes helps remove and get deep into the pool areas to collect small particles.

It saves a lot of time and money.

Its smart technology with high performance increases the working scenario and decreases the overall expenses. 

Swapping out filter cartridge media

It has different cartridge media like Micro-cartridge filter, Standard cartridge filter, and debris bags as the first filter for small bacteria and algae, second standard cartridge for dirt, sand or creepy-crawly items.

SmartNav feature

This model is equipped with SmartNav technology. This software makes it possible to select the best path to clean the surface of the pool.

Anti-tangle swivel cable

In other pool cleaners, it was a common problem that tangled cables can stop the cleaner. But the availability of anti-tangled cable has solved this problem and cleaner can freely move on its tracks.

Moves steadily

Because of its continuous rubber tracks, this cleaner has a firm grip that can reduce friction and increase resistance.

Ease of use

Its intuitive smart technology has made this product easy to use for a naïve user.

Smart scanning and Navigational Technology

An advanced navigation system powers the Premier class, and scanning technology cleans every section. Its smart navigation system smartly navigates all the sections and returns.

Maximize cleanliness and Minimize consumption of power

Its built-in smart technology is energy efficient and maximizes cleanliness.

Easy to clean filter cartridges

It has a super cleaning filter system that filters and removes dirt, algae, and debris.

Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

A Specification Tabel between Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

Here is the side by side comparison of Dolphin’s two Premium products Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner.

SpecificationsDolphin Oasis Z5The Dolphin Premier
Brand NameDolphinDolphin 
ModelOasis Z5Premier
Pool TypeIngroundInground
DimensionsUp to 50 feet23.5 x 20 x 14 inches
CoverageFloor, Walls, and WaterlineFloor, Walls, and Waterline
Remote controlVia Bluetooth and Smartphone app Smart Mapping System
Cleaning Cycle2.5 hours3 hours
Warranty3 Years (Limited)3 Years (Limited) (Not Prorated))

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The above discussed advanced pool machines possess all the incredible highlights you must be looking for. There is a trivial difference between these two. So, it becomes quite complex to choose or recommend anyone.

Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier, Dolphin Oasis Z5 is a bit pricey, but features are justifying this cost. Simultaneously, the Dolphin premier is less in price but the same in features and specifications. You have to choose according to your demand and funds and, of course, after the read of Dolphin Oasis Z5 vs Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner.

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