Dolphin Premier vs m500 Robotic Pool Cleaners | A Comparative Analysis

The best robotic pool cleaner discussion always leads us to the dolphin products and how we can discuss it more without the words about dolphin premier vs m500 robotic pool cleaners. Not a single best automatic pool cleaner debate is complete with these two giants.

It’s a somewhat difficult task to choose from a long list of the best robotic pool cleaners. As each model has, it’s unique specifications and a fair share of fans. The best way to make it easy is to compare the products to make the one win.

Here, we will review two sparkling units in the industry Dolphin Premier vs m500, to find out which one has the victor values and best value of money. Fastest as ever. Check out the feature and performance comparison of both pool cleaners to decide your pick. Let’s get down the business.

Dolphin Premier Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner


Dolphin Premier vs m500


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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is the best top product present in the market. Till time dolphin has released, it’s 2018 version of Dolphin Premier. And the new version of dolphin premier is worth every penny you would spend on it.

The MultiMedia feature of this robotic pool cleaner is such a big highlight. This feature allows the user to use a range of filers with a large dirtbag. The HyperGrip tracks of this pool unit are another highlight. The HyperGrip tracks help this pool machine move smoothly on algae-filled walls, steps, and floors. These tracks make it possible to handle slippery surfaces.

In Dolphin Premier vs m500, the SmartNav system is a reckoning feature attached to Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool cleaner that makes the cleaning more intelligent and handy. The SmartNav software and the latest microprocessor are promising facts to make the data transfer most agile.

The smart scanning and planning underwater are why Dolphin premier is one of the fastest robotic pool cleaners in the present time. 

Talkin about the motor, the dolphin premier has one of the best permanent magnets DC 24v motor that makes it less noisy and super-efficient in the pool. You have to dig your pocket to have this premium pool cleaner, but you won’t regret this spending.

The best efficiency, durability, and elite features make it the best value of your money in dolphin Premier vs m500 pool cleaners. That’s it!


Does Dolphin Premier get stuck at the bottom of the pool?

There is a very rare or no chance of getting stuck in a raised drain at the bottom. Precautionary, Maytronics presents a free outlet flow diverter attachment that gives the cleaner a little more forward push.

Does it come with a caddy and remote?

The package doesn’t include both. The customer has to buy the remote and caddy separately.

How to choose between two; the bag or filter for a pool?

Dolphin premier comes with a bag and filters both in a single package. For heavy debris and leaves bag is the right choice. But it all depends upon your choice as the package includes both. 

Does Dolphin Cleaner clean the steps and seating ledge too?

It depends on how shallow these both pool areas are. If these are underneath the pool to 24 inches, then the cleaner doesn’t clean these parts. And you have to use a brush.

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Maytronics M500 Robotic Pool Cleaner


Dolphin Premier vs m500


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Maytronics M500 often remains out of stock, but it doesn’t mean that it will never be in stock again. It is one of the excellent robotic pool cleaners with all such compelling features that you can add it to your “to be considered” list.
M500 can clean the entire pool, including walls and waterline too. That is the primary purpose of any pool cleaner to make your pool crystal clear from one end to another. In Dolphin Premier vs m500, m500 Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with the advanced CleverClean navigation system that outlines your pool smartly.

Your pool cleaner moves with a systematic cleaning pattern instead of a random cleaning pattern.

Furthermore, the integrated gyroscope increases the localization and positioning of this unit. One of the notable features is maneuverability that leads to quick cleaning. The motor in this pool unit is a 360° dynamic drive that accurately adjusts to fit in small places. That is the way this cleaner is not leaving any spot or corner undone.

The included power supply is the option that allows you to keep your pool clean even in the case of substantial power damage. So, it’s doesn’t matter in which area you are residing. M500 is grabbing its top space with the most significant feature of Smartphone App control.

You can operate this pool machine with a single touch of your smartphone. Also, in Dolphin Premier vs m500, m500 is a cheaper product present in the industry, but it mostly remains unavailable, so you can’t rely on its availability.
So, boost your enjoyment and relax, with remote-controlled settings and programs and hassle-free cleaning of the pool floor, walls, and waterline.

Simultaneously, the negative sides of this pool cleaner are less-efficiency and quite noisy pool operation. And here it sees the downfall. Efficiency is the most requirement for any pool cleaner to fit into any of the pools.
Well, this unavailability of these basics in M500 makes the Dolphin premier outstanding in the industry, and our discussion Dolphin Premier vs m500.


Why are there floats on the handle of the cleaner?

The purpose of the floats the cleaner is to assist the weightlessness of this pool cleaner. When this cleaner is turning on the base of the pool and scrubbing the waterline. You are suggested to pull the float outward if this pool cleaner is having issues scrubbing the waterline.

Does Dolphin M500 have Bluetooth Capability?

Yes, this best Dolphin robotic pool cleaner features Bluetooth capability.

How many voltages are required for the Dolphin power supply?

Standard 120v outlet for power supply is more than enough.

What should be the operating temperature for this M500 pool cleaner?

Temperatures between 43 and 93 degrees are best for dolphin pool cleaners.

Is this pool cleaner suitable for hot tubs or ponds, etc.?

Preferably no, this dolphin pool cleaner is not manufactured on this rule.

Is this cleaner for an in-ground pool?
Yes. This Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is devised to perform for in-ground pools.

Dolphin Premier vs m500 Specifications Table


SpecificationsDolphin PremierMaytronics m500
Size & weight20.8 x 20.5 x 18.5 inches, 25lbs.20.5 x 19.5 x 17.5 inches, 22lbs.
Filter loadingTop Loading with ClearView™Filter Compartment
UseInground poolsInground pools
PriorityFloors, walls & waterlinesFloors, walls & waterlines
Motor24v 180W (3,000rpm)Dual Dynamic Drive
FilterJetForce™ TechnologyUltra-fine _ Net filters
NavigationAquaSmart 2.0CleverClean™ + Gyro
Cable management360° Anti-Tangle Swivel360° Anti-Tangle Swivel
Remote controlYes, automationYes, remote and App
TransportTransport CaddyTransport Caddy
Warranty3 Years3 Years

Dolphin Premier vs m500 Robotic Pool Cleaner | Comparison Review

We have seen the specifications of both the products separately. Now its time to talk about the side by side comparison of the features of both the products. So that one could make the right decision. You must have to consider the following features of both the products before buying a robotic pool cleaner. Have a glance!


In Dolphin Premier vs m500, Both products are in the industry with a robust design that is the specialty of Maytronics products. Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner has an edge due to its fresh look. The dolphin premium design is appealing with its premium finishing and piston design handles.

M500 is quite similar to dolphin premier except for a significant difference that is the color scheme as the dolphin premier has fancy dark blue color while the M500 has a lighter blue shade. Both the products are more luminous and compact.

Both have the carrying caddy for secure storage and transportation. Also, Both cleaners come with 60 feet, 360º anti-tangle swivel cord. 

From the design point of view, the first consideration will be Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner in Dolphin Premier vs m500.

Cleaning Performance

Both the products have powerful cleaning efficiency and offer comprehensive cleaning. Both Robotic pool cleaners do a great job on all surfaces and don’t skid on slippery walls. 

Dolphin Premier is famous for its multimedia technology featuring different cleaner variations, including oversize debris bags, disposable debris bags, standard cartridge and, micro-cartridge. This versatility allows the pool owner to clean the pool in different ways.

While in dolphin Premier vs m500, M500 features a dual pack filtration for small and large debris.

In the case of the brushing system, the dolphin premier comes with the PowerClean system has two sets of brushes to sweep the pool. At the same time, M500 comes with the TripleActive brush system to clean all the pool debris.

Both the cleaners perform best with brushing the floor, walls, and waterline. But our vote will go for the dolphin premier as M500 struggles on waterlines sometimes.

Energy Efficiency

Well, whenever we are approaching any electric appliances, our choice is always an energy-efficient product. More effectiveness with less electricity bill. As pool cleaner might run for several hours daily and highly optimized motors in these cleaners need more energy.

Dolphin Premier is an energy-efficient unit, and it’s 24V DC motor saves up to 70% on your bill.

On the other hand, in dolphin premier vs m500 robotic pool cleaners, m500 is not energy efficient, and according to our careful estimate, it’s running costs are around $0.0085.

While working, Dolphin premier is a silent pool cleaner that quietly performs its duty, unlike M500, that is a bit noisy.  


Can you buy a product without paying heed to durability? Durability is as necessary as the right choice of product. Dolphin Premier is one of the excellent pool cleaners in the industry with better strength. Its motor durability is the thing you can rely on because of the moderate RPM.

In Maytronics, M500 durability is compromised in rare instances where M500 just got dead after two years. So, in dolphin Premier vs m500, m500 Robotic Pool Cleaner wins here.

Navigation and Maneouvirity/Maneuverability

Robotic pool cleaners are smart and intelligent units that navigate your pool with a proper plan. Dolphin Premier comes with SmartNav Robotic Scanning that scans your pool thoroughly and reaches every end of the pool.

In Dolphin Premier vs m500, Maytronics M500 features CleverClean Scanning and a new Gyro. Maytronics m500 is relatively slow in working as comper to dolphin premier and goes for wrong turns sometimes.

When we talk about the tracks, Dolphin Premier is famous for its HyperGrip endless ways that perform from floor to slipper walls. Dolphin premier has better traction than M500 that makes it our choice.


Whatever we are buying our first and foremost priority is convenience, and in case of robotic pool cleaner, this factor becomes more e. An automatic pool makes you from any tension of operating and running this machine manually.

Dolphin Premier vs m500, both products feature physical remote and give the convenience of controlling your pool cleaner wirelessly with the Smartphone APP.

Smartphone App is the present world convenience to carry any operation wirelessly. What can be impressive than this?


Robotic Pool cleaners are the smart machines, and it may face any defect even under warranty. So, your choice must be a robot with an extended warranty.

Dolphin Premier vs m500 both come with 3-years extended warranty on major parts, and also, a few of the cleaner parts are not covered under warranty. Replacement parts are available in the market, which is a good thing.

Cost and Value for Money

It becomes a head felt situation when we have to decide from two of the excellent products having great features, Dolphin Premier vs m500. So, let’s rely on the cost and worth of the product.

Dolphin premier is a premium product allowing you to experience high-end performance. With such an excellent cleaning capability, it smartly justifies its high price tag. On the other hand, M500 is entirely a budget product with some outstanding features. But the drawback this product comes with is the often unavailability in the market.

People with a tight budget can go for M500, but if you are okay with digging your pocket, then Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is all we can wish for.

Final Verdict

It’s always hard to give a verdict for single products among too many top products, but we have to call this debate to an end to make your decision quick and easy.
In this discussion dolphin premier vs m500, dolphin wins the debate due to many profound aspects like performance and efficiency. The dolphin premier is more efficient, silent, and always available for its followers.
The updated version of the 2018 dolphin premier is the flag bearer in our view for the robotic pool cleaners family. All the latest features and power results are attached to Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool cleaner; shout out loud for this pool cleaner.

Many people may show their concerns for its high price, but you are not jumping into a dark hole with all such excellent specifications. Take our words we suggest for this best dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner. Rest Assured 🙂

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