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Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Your search is definitely for a pool cleaner if you are here, and you have decided to spend a fair amount for the purpose. Before jumping into the Hayward Tiger Shark vs. Dolphin Pool Cleaner comparative study, let me clear it that this handsome amount was spent worth proper research before making any choice. So, give it time!

Firstly, a pool cleaner is a robotic gadget based on a vacuum micropower processor. Maintains cleanliness and safety by fulfilling the following duties: reciprocating water hygiene occurrence, purifying water, servicing the pool, identifying repairable leaks and cracks, and representing report water quality to the user.

It also measures the level of chemicals used to prevent the growth of bacteria. Human interference is less relatively compared to these robotic devices for pool cleaning purposes in this latest era. So, Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin is composed for the informative purpose.

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Comparative Analysis | Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin

Here we go !!

Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner


Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin


Check Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner

On the other hand, Hayward produces a variety of cleaners and spare parts of cleaners. Tiger shark is the name of its latest product line of robotic cleaners.

Its functioning is superb as its name sharp like a shark and fasts like a tiger. It is effortless to use; you have to unbox your device and plugin. It has a product line consisting of 6 robotic cleaners. It is evaluated inconsistently on different retailing sites.


Automatic robotic cleaner armed with a rational microprocessor technology-based system. Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner reviews in Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin is acknowledged due to its superior reliability and efficient performance.

Tiger shark cleaners make almost every area of the pool gets much cleaner and faster as well. Based on powerful vacuum strength, suck up all the dirt and debris, and excellent quality of Hayward tiger shark pool cleaner reviews.

Also, Equipped with an efficiently designed motor of 24-volt to consume less energy and minimum cost. It can save up to 93% of energy, and it is easily repairable.

Designed with detachable and portable bristles and scrubs necessary to help vacuum all unwanted things and debris in the pool. Based on automatically shutting down feature after completing cleaning. Perfect for dwelled pools 20’ * 40.’


In Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin, Tiger Shark cleans the waterline of an in-floor swimming pool and walls. Similarly, the whole series was patented with a faster cleaning technology standard of 90-minute with granite, fiberglass, tile, vinyl surface, and pebbles. It’s the default standard of all pool cleaners. 


Efficiently modified design with flexible bristles, large carriers to collect the dirt, adjustable handle, and sufficient weight.

Available in a variety of colors black, blue, white, and brown with a shiny curved surface. Product designing has done to purify water and clean virtually every distinct and visible surface.

Drive system

Stainless steel bearing system and polyurethane drive track.


The filter may clog due to heavy debris; impeller and roller drivers may stick or be jammed if maintenance would ignore it. Scrub may be worn but replaceable. Cartridge issue occurs in the latest models while overloading the carrier; it tends into the small amount and throws back into the pool in case of low maintenance.

Although the latest model of Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner reviews in Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin is remote-controlled, that isn’t very easy too. Every model has its pros and cons mentioned in the specification slip provided with the order application online, and you will find it in stores at demanding.

Models of Tiger Shark Series

ModelWeight (lbs)Description
RC9950CUB42.0Robotic (expert line)
RC9955CUB42.0Plus Robotic (expert line)
RC9990CUB42.0QC robotic with quick clean(expert line)
W3RC9990CUB42.0Qc Robotic Quick Cleaner

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In Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin, Dolphin is the next level pool product to fetch.

Dolphin Pool Cleaners


Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin


Check Best Dolphin Pool Cleaners

That is to say, lots of consumers think Dolphin produces the best pool cleaners. Many dolphin cleaners have the best functions with little effort on your part.

It is providing a wide range of automatic robotic cleaners based on microprocessor cleaning manner. It presents multi capabilities in the manufacturing process; wire cable is highly protected with a thick triple layer of the insulator to safeguard from any electric accident.

In Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin, Dolphin cleaners are spending more and more on the efficiency of parts and innovation in products. They are creating mechanical wonders of the modern era.

They are manufacturing independent robotic cleaners, work as they programmed. Owners flourish after seeing modern programming based on automatic features. The new modern era moves us to the most creative working cycle of robotic technology.

Capability does not depend on the skimming of debris into a carrier; it also consists of measuring the hygiene rate of chemicals found in the pool. In Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin, the most unique and joyful feature of this device is the connectivity of Bluetooth.


Dolphin automatic cleaners are having edge-cutting technology designed for every shape of the pool. Adjustable for any pool and dimensions. SmartNav 2.0 microprocessor used in the cleaners, which ultimately calculates the optimal pattern of cleaning. Works as energy saver devices, save energy up to 90%.

It is equipped with a Dual 24-volt 3000 RPM energy and efficient DC motor. You have to pug in a wall outlet to use dolphin cleaners—a straightforward installation system and the fastest cleaning cycle of 1.5 hr with improved energy-saving technology.

In Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin, Dolphins provide a warranty that starts from 1 year up to 5 years (varies from product to product). Compatible for gunite, fiberglass, tile, and vinyl up to 55 in long.


Strong vacuums can suck the dirt and debris in forwarding motion and reverse as well. These are faster more than any other cleaners, can filter 75 gallons per minute. They are established with an oversized filtration cartridge. In front of scrub brush and bristles, there is a safety plate that prevents to throw back the filth into the pool. 


In Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin pool cleaner, Dolphin is Protected with highly approved insulation sheets and available in different designs and attractive colors (white, blue, black, and grey). Door back with proper locks.


Drive thoroughly; no belt required for replacement.


The attached wheels stick sometimes, and it becomes extra heavy after working in water. There are some modes to work; if you forget to select the mode, it will default three hours mode and work on standard cycle programmed.

Models of Dolphin Cleaners

ModelCoverageTenure(hrs) Bristles Weight(lbs)
Dolphin NautilusFloors, WallsStandard
Two standard16.5 lbs
Dolphin Nautilus CC plusFloor, WallsStandard
Two standard19 lbs
Dolphin Triton PSFloor, walls, WaterlineStandard
1 Active
1 Standard
16.5 lbs
Dolphin Triton PS PlusFloor, walls, WaterlineQuick
1 Active
1 Standard
16.5 lbs

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In short, we have just found in Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin study that both purifiers are competitive with each other. There are some limitations in Hayward cleaners, and some are in dolphin cleaners. The rate of both cleaners is found different on different retail sites. Both are having a unique design.

There are some similar specifications in some of the cleaners of both companies. Still, dolphin cleaner is more reliable than tiger shark cleaners because of the competitive advantage of that device’s warranty, which varies from 1-5 years.

Dolphin cleaners are best according to performance and in specifications as well.  In dolphin cleaners, they target customers’ need and the efficiency of goods compared to tiger shark cleaners. So, in Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin, Dolphin cleaners are faster than tiger sharks. The technology used in dolphin cleaners is more modern than the other one.

Dolphin cleaners cover more area and adjustable according to the pool’s shape, and reliable for walls and hoses. And competitively, dolphins charging low rates for their efficient devices as compare to tiger shark cleaners.

Indeed, in Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin, Tiger shark’s best cleaner, which lies in the expert line, has a cost of 1363.70 dollars, and dolphin’s best cleaner up now is available at 999 dollars. So, dolphin pool cleaners are much better in every aspect. And the purchase rate is also increased from 2017-19 up to 13%. Hopefully, this piece of writing Hayward Tiger Shark vs Dolphin will meet its exact purpose.

So, Hayward or Dolphin? It’s your choice now 🙂

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