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Top 3 Best Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews

“The bathtub is just the way where you can drown your troubles away” then, why don’t we go for one of the best walk-in bathtubs? Well, this is the place where we spend enough time of our day—talking bath, relieving your muscles and senses, and coming out with a soothing freshness. That’s all one can wish for at the end of the day.

Best walk-in bathtubs can be an excellent place to spend some quality me-time. These tubs might be costly, but you won’t regret buying anyone of this. The best walk-in bathtub is one of those living facilities that is the need for personal care. Walk-in tubs are safer, comfortable, and easily-installable. Walk-in tubs have met several modifications, including fall-proof.

Here, witnessing the need, we have compiled a list of top 6 best walk-in bathtubs in the industry to make your choice easy and on-point. Let’s have a look and know everything about the best walk-in bathtubs.

Top 3 Best Walk-in BathTubs Reviews

These are industry-best, top-quality, and advanced-features best walk-in bathtubs.

1Best Walk-in BathtubAmerican Standard 2425V-LHO002.020 Evolution Best Walk-in Bathtub9.9
2best walk-in bathtubWOODBRIDGE Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking BathTub9.8
3best walk-in bathtubKOHLER K-1123-RA-0 Archer 5-Foot Best Walk-in BathTubs9.7

1. American Standard 2425V-LHO002.020 Evolution Best Walk-in Bathtub

Best Walk-in Bathtub

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This walk-in bathtub is made of Acrylic with fibreglass reinforcement that makes this tub extra strong. But as compared to steel and cast iron tub, this product is relatively light, giving the user the deep soaking experience. It allows more water to fill up the container over a regular bathtub. This bathtub features the recessed design, and one opened side has an integral apron with a removable access panel. Three enclosed sides are made of tiles making water holding flange.

The evolution allows 3-inches more water to fill up than a regular bathtub. So, the user can get an exceptional bath experience. A deep soak max drain is not included in the package and must be purchased separately to enjoy this additional feature.

This model has an anti-slip floor and grabs the bar as a safety concern. Backrest and armrest are two additional added in improved models to enhance the comfort of bathing experience. The bather can spend a long time enjoying the relaxing bath.

Top 3 Best Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews


  • Lightweight and easily installable
  • Lumbar support
  • Limited warranty
Top 3 Best Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews


  • Easily splits
  • Paint gets dim


Does it require to be installed on a frame with a mortar bed below?

A mortar bed is required. Tub model 2425V is designed to fit in a three-wall nook, not a drop-in.

Does it have an apron, or is it a drop-in?

It has a front cover only. The back needs to go on a ledger.

What is the interior length of the tub?

It has about 40″ interior length from the bottom.

Is the access panel on the left side away from the drain or the right side by the pipe?

These best walk-in bathtubs are a drop-in tub; the access panel will need to be placed on the side with the drain.

Do you need a longer tub spout to reach over the edge? 

No, a standard tub spout will work fine. 

What heater or pump is suitable for this tub?

The Safe-T-Heater product number 9075.120 is recommended for this tub.

2. WOODBRIDGE Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking BathTub

best walk-in bathtub

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Woodbridge bathtub is a luxury, comfort, and beautifully designed product. Its size is large enough and spacious to fit in a variety of spaces. This bathtub features gently sloping lines follow the natural curves of your body, giving users extraordinary comfort.

The Woodbridge Acrylic Walk-in tub has an exterior dimension of 54″ Long x 28 3/8″ Wide x 28 3/8″ Deep with the Powerful Tub Capacity of 55 Gallons. 

This product comes with premium quality construction and is made up of .100% high gloss white LUCITE acrylic and reinforced with ASHLAND resin & fibreglass. All of these are top quality material that is the speciality of Woodbridge’s best walk-in bathtubs. Other manufacturers seldom use this construction material due to a comparatively high cost.

This unit is easy to clean, maintain, prevent stains, and scratch to keep its longevity high. These ample features keep the product clean and bright. The construction formula of this unit increases its durability. Acrylic and reinforced with fibreglass for long-lasting stability. The bearing capacity of this bathtub is up to 1000 LBS because its bottom is with a stainless steel bracket.

Double Walled bolster design produces maximum insulation and keeps the water at its desired temperature longer and suitable for 1 Or 2 persons bathing. The package includes the assembled solid brass brushed nickel drain, and stainless steel brushed nickel overflow, user & instruction manual.

The product comes with five years of limited warranty on the bathtub surface and structural. The 1-year product assurance is assigned to the plumbing parts. With such high-class features, WOODBRIDGE can be the choice of anyone.

Top 3 Best Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews


  • Product is affordable
  • Contemporary design
  • Slip and stain resistant bottom
Top 3 Best Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews


  • High sides
  • No lifetime guarantee


Can I order this tub with holes for drain mounting?

There is no way for the drain mounting. It isn’t easy to mount a faucet itself. 

What length faucet is required for a wall mount?

Six inches long faucet would be enough on this model. Generally, length depends on how the water is delivered from the valve.

Does sit of these best walk-in bathtubs come with a flex hose for drain without retrofitting concrete?

It comes with a flexible drain. But the recommended one is island tub drain for install if there is no issue of waste line relocation.  

What is the correct length of this model? 59″ or 67″?

The B0014 model is 59″ extended.

3. KOHLER K-1123-RA-0 Archer 5-Foot Best Walk-in BathTubs

best walk-in bathtub

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The Kohler is famous for its timeless best walk-in bathtubs design options in the industry. The company deals in sinks, toilets, and, more specifically, bathtubs. Kohler offers such amazing and attractive quality products to renew your bathrooms.

This Kohler product has dimensions of 60 “L x 32 “W x 19 “H. The comfortable 19 inches step-over height that is offered by the Slotted overflow and Comfort Depth design is a highlight of this unit. The product features the Molded lumbar arch that gently supports the natural curves of your body. This feature offers you enjoy extra comfort while bathing. Also, the slotted overflow allows for deep soaking.

The customer needs to buy K-7271 or K-7272 Clearflo slotted overflow bath drain separately. The Textured bottom surface is the beauty of this KOHLER walk-in bathtub. The Integral apron and flange starred in this bathtub help prevent water from seeping behind the wall and simplifies alcove installation.

Kohler KOHLER K-1123-RA-0 Archer 5-Foot Walk-in BathTub offers with its exclusive design a low step-over height with comfortable deep soaking. The product is a must-have addition for increasing the aesthetic of your bathroom interior.

Top 3 Best Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews


  • Sleek, beautiful and Elegant style
  • The bathtub has Extra room with the curved style
  • Exceptional Lifetime warranty
Top 3 Best Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews


  • Maybe not suitable for small space bathrooms
  • A bit pricey


Is the back of the best walk-in bathtubs bent for comfort?

Yes, It’s very comfortable & replaced a very shallow (14-inch) cast iron tub. Make sure you use the flange at the back to attach it to your wall’s 2x4s before you put backer board & tile in, or it will eventually shift around & loosen the tiles/grout.

Is the skirted front a recessed rectangle?

It’s recessed.

Does the Archer tub work okay for showers?

This tub works perfectly for the shower as well as the bath.

What is the actual length of this tub?

It is 60 x 32 x 19 inch.

Are the Kohler Best Walk-in Bathtubs easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, it’s one that is easy to clean.

How is this tub installed? Does it need a frame?

Yes, the tub does not sit on the floor; it needs a frame. It is designed for alcove, so walls/tiles will extend in front of the lip on the tub on three sides.

Is this tub good for bathing kids (toddlers)? Or is it too deep?

Water depth of this tub is 15″. For toddlers, it is recommended to use a toddler tub.

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Final Verdict

The best walk-in bathtubs can be the need for any bathroom, and it completes the interior of the shower room. Who can deny the most soothing, relaxing, and comfortable head-to-toe shower enjoying the experience of the best walk-in bathtub? A best walk-in bathtub gives a truly spa-like experience, crammed with delightful smells, comforting lighting and massaging jets of water. The walk-in tub can be the priority of everyone.

Our vote is for American standard’s premium product having all fancy features fulfilling the need for best bathing experience. The product is affordable, slip-opposing, and recessed lumbar support. Safety is always the top preference for everyone using the best walk-in bathtubs. The comfortable massage jets feature in these best walk-in bathtubs can calm body aches.

However, the families who are looking for a durable product with lower side support, the Kohler bathtub, can be the best choice.

In short, there are tons of features available in the best walk-in bathtubs. It all depends on how much you spend on buying this bathroom accessory.

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