Polaris 9450 vs 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaners

Polaris, known for its suction side pool cleaners, has taken the pool cleaners market by storm. The Polaris brand has many models of high-quality robotic pool cleaners. We have compiled a comparison study of two of the highlighted pool units of Polaris company Polaris 9450 vs 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Owning a Swimming pool is not an easy job as it requires proper maintenance and cleanliness. Having a pool cleaner if you own a pool is a must-have thing. It demands your time and efforts regularly to regulate circulation and filtration systems and meet the hygienic standards.

Robotic pool cleaners have made this easy now, and technology has turned this effort-demanding task into a more effortless job. Polaris has an excellent share of automatic pool cleaners in the industry that have effective cleaning results.

At first, all the Polaris pool cleaners look the same from structure to performance, but this is not. Every unit shares something new and exciting with its customers. These few min read will help you know your priority and decide the best pool cleaner from Polaris 9450 vs 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaners. Let’s have a look!

Polaris 9450 In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner 


polaris 9450 vs 9550


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Polaris 9450 sport robotic swimming pool cleaner is a new and improved version from the house of Polaris. The model has a 7-days programmable cleaning cycle system that is one of its kind. And if your priority is convenience, then Polaris 9450 is best for programming and scheduling.

This Polaris model pools up to 50 ft and performs best, and more efficient for all pool surfaces. This updated model features the 4WD system that is better than the previous model having a 2WD system. The 4WD technology keenly cleans the floor and tile lines with its pleated scrubbing brush. 

The anti-tangle swivel cord is best to save time and effort while a cleaner is performing the cleaning duty. Its ActivMotion Sensor enables this cleaner to automatically sense its location in the pool and adjust its optimized cleaning path while overcoming cord tangling issues.

Vortex Vacuum Technology has a four times better capacity to find and hold the debris than other pool cleaners. Top access, larger filter canister is more potent than the other pool cleaners of the same type.

Polaris 9450 has also introduced a NEW lift system that works with the touch of a button. The Polaris 9450 in Polaris 9450 vs 9550 covers the desired location and waits to take it, then automatically emptying the water for smooth removal from the pool.

Polaris 9450 package doesn’t include the remote control and lacks a few feet of cable. So, if you have no issue using it without remote control, dirty canister indicator, short-range,  waterline cleaning, then it’s a suitable option under your budget.

This Polaris robotic device weighs 16 lbs, and the package includes a new premium, compact transport caddy that needs no tool for assembling. Two years of product assurance are attached to this model. With all such features mentioned above, this product is the flag-bearer of Polaris House in Polaris 9450 vs 9550.

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  • Fast Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • 4WD traction
  • 7-days Programmable cleaning
  • Effective cleaning
  • Tangle-Free Operation
thumbs down regular


  • Miss steps and doesn’t climb
  • Not waterline cleaning friendly
  • Too much lightweight that Sometimes tips over

Polaris 9450 FAQs 

Why my Polaris 9450 cable is tangling in the water?

It may be due to putting the entire cable length into the pool. So, avoid unraveling the cable as the whole length and put only the required cable in the water.

Why is this unit not staying firm on the pool bottom?

One is air in the appliance casing, or the second is a filter canister is full of debris. In the first situation, submerge the cleaner to release air, and in the second situation, clean the filter canister.

Why the flashing lights appear during the cleaning cycle?

This is because of cleaner is sucking too much air. To avoid this, remove cleaner and re-submerge.

Why Polaris 9450 doesn’t it climb the pool walls?

Due to the full or dirty canister, or side of pools, it is slippery or slimy due to algae present in the pool. Examine pool cleaner tires for wear and replace them as necessary. Also, Do a shock chlorination treatment and lightly reduce the PH. Keep the cleaner outside the pool during treatment.

Also, Read about the brand comparison of  Aquabot Vs Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Polaris 9550 Sport Automatic Pool Cleaner


polaris 9450 vs 9550


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This Polaris 9550 sport automatic pool cleaner is a strong competitor of Polaris 9450. This automated robotic pool cleaner is featuring a new robust blade brush system and a longer cord.

All of the above,  this 4WD robotic pool cleaner comes with a dirty canister indicator, secure lift system, motion-sensing ability, handheld remote,  Vortex Vacuum Technology for better and more exceptional cleaning performance.

This sport cleaner features the smart 7-days programmable timer technology that permits the pool owner to enjoy customizable cleaning cycles without any hassle. The top-of-the-line 9550 sports swimming pool cleaner performs in all pool types of up to 60 feet and cleans the floor,  walls, steps, and tile line with its solid-blade scrubbing brush. Besides, the Polaris 9550 device can clean the waterline that Polaris 9450 lacks, so it’s best in Polaris 9450 vs 9550.

Not a challenging task, as with just a comfortable setting, you can turn your pool crystal clear without consuming any time and effort. Furthermore, a handheld remote control puts the cleaning control in your palm. Control this pool device from anywhere near the pool.

The Vortex Vacuum Technology keeps the debris suspended for long-lasting suction and superior cleaning performance. The motion-sensing remote makes it easy to move this cleaner at any desired location and never miss a single spot. ActivMotion sensor gives your pool complete coverage without any delay or rest.

 The dirty canister indicator feature allows the owner to know immediately when the canister is full of debris and ready to evacuate. Also, the waste can be easily removed from the cartridge with a simple shake or spray convenience. 

The new premium compact transport caddy is included in the package to make the transportation easy. We would call it the best value of your spending as it comes with so many premium features at a cheap rate. Polaris 9550 from Polaris 9450 vs 9550 has made its way in the pool cleaner industry, and it will surely adjust with your pool too.

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  • Effectively Cleans waterline
  • Programmable cleaning cycles
  • Full filter indicator light
  • Most Effective cleaning
  • Included remote in the package
  • 4WD traction
thumbs down regular


  • Not always tangle-free cleaning
  • Heavyweight cleaner
  • Miss steps scrubbing

Polaris 9550 FAQs

Is Polaris 9550 has only the All-purpose filter canister for a cleaner?

You can also use Leaf Canister with a coarse mesh and Ultra Fine Sand/Silt Canister with excellent mesh.

Why is cord tangling in the pool?

This can be because of the extra length of the cord in the water. Try to keep the required length of cable when the cleaner is in the pool.

Why canister indicator remains on even after attaching the washed canister?

It can happen because the mesh screen is clogged with acceptable debris. Clean it with water spray. If the problem continues, contact the technical team.

Why is the cleaner not cleaning effectively?

Check the brushes if these need replacement. It can happen because the dirty canister or floating cable is not spread over the pool properly.

Will my cleaner still work when the Dirty Filter Canister Indicator light is on?

Yes, it will continue working with light on, but effectiveness will be compromised. In case if the canister is clogged completely, the cleaner will start showing error 4.

Specifications Table

Pool TypeIn-GroundIn-Ground
Performance75 gal/min75 gal/min
Surface TypeAll TypesAll Types
Best for Pool SizeUp to 50 feet
Up to 50 feet
Power Cord Length60 Feet
70 Feet
Cleaning Area
Floors, Walls, Tile-lines
Floors, Walls, Tile-lines,
Scrubbing BrushPleated scrubbing brush
Pleated scrubbing brush
Easy Clean Filter Canister
Easy Clean Filter Canister
Cleaning Cycle7-Days Programmable, 2 Hours
7-Days Programmable, 2 Hours
DebrisSmall&Medium DebrisSmall&Medium Debris
Full Filter Indicator LightNoYes
Waterline CleaningNoYes

Polaris 9450 VS 9550 | Which One Should I Choose?

Now that we have just explored both Polaris products’ features separately let’s find out which should we prefer? And which unit is more effective in removing debris from the swimming pool.

After comparing both pool cleaners, we are aware now that Polaris 9550 stands out among both. It doesn’t mean that Polaris 9450 is less than any unit. It has high-quality features and the best scrubbing capability. But Polaris 9550 is one step advance than the previous in Polaris 9450 vs 9550.

Polaris 9550 robotic pool cleaner is the most potent, convenient, and authentic pool cleaner by Polaris. Saving from the unnecessary effort and time wastage performs the best cleaning job in your pool.

Polaris 9450 features the pleated scrubbing brush that fetches away every single dirt and spots from walls, steps, and tile lines. But it didn’t complement to clean water line that Polaris 9550 does. Polaris 9550 is the all-time favorite robot that fetches debris and dirt of all sizes and scrubs the pool with its oscillating brushes. What you get in return is, of course, a crystal clear swimming pool.

The filter canister of 9450 has the volume of collecting four times more dirt and debris than other filters can carry. So, it saves your time of detaching and cleaning the filters more often. Polaris 9550 comes with a large capacity top-accessed filter canister that swallows every debris from the pool.

These two best robotic pool cleaners are counted as high-quality products by Polaris Company.

Final Verdict

The primary job for that people look for a pool cleaner is the pool cleaning with convenience. And this is the job both Polaris units 9450 and 9550 do accurately. Both Polaris products are not less than any of the competitors, and we wouldn’t call any of them far better than the other. But if we have to pick only one in terms of functionality, programmability, and effectiveness, then the vote goes to Polaris 9550 Robotic Pool cleaner in Polaris 9450 vs 9550. Polaris F9550 features the full filter indicator light that shows the need to empty it on time. Another highlight this pool cleaner carry is the waterline cleaning.

Nevertheless, Polaris 9450 is a lighter device and easy to remove from the pool. It lacks the above mentioned few features. Both the cleaners don’t move to the stairs, but waterline cleansing will compensate for this drawback to some extent.

Hopefully, you folks are all set to check the difference between these two and make your choice after reading the comparison of Polaris 9450 vs 9550. Whatever you choose will be the best value for your money.

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