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Top 5 Best Pool Heater For Above Ground Pool

Are you a fan of night time swimming in summer? But summer night sometimes turns to be cold.  So, you must be looking for a pool heater to make that a bit chill night suitable for swimming?  The best pool heater for the above ground pool is all you need. Right?

The pool industry is full of the best pool heater for above ground pools, including heating blankets, solar units, and other high-grade heating units. But, choosing the right product for your pool needs proper research and guidance. Because you are not investing seasonal products as the pool heaters work for you the entire year.

Often people reading in warmer areas don’t consider pool heater a need, but sometimes temperature rises even in hot spots. So, to make it adjustable for swimming pool heaters helps them out there. The best pool heater for above ground pool proves to be worthy at that time.

If you choose the above ground pool solar heater, it will work best at day and night both. 

Well, it’s hard to choose one from a wide range in the market. So, we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Pool Heater For Above Ground Pool to make your choice easy and trouble-free. Have a look!

5 Best Pool Heater For Above Ground Pool

Here, we have reviewed the top 10 best products for the readers. Keep reading to learn which pool heater will accurately suit your pool to make the swimming even more enjoyable in chill weather.

Blue Wave NS115 8-mil Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools

Best pool heater for above ground pool

Our top pick is the Blue Wave NS115 8-mil Solar Blanket covered up of insulating thermal cells. The Blue Wave Solar Blanket heater is likely the best pool heater for above ground pool. You can use it without the need for electricity, saving your expenses.

This 21-feet sized pool heater will make you feel like you own the best solar heater for above ground pool. The thermal cells transfer the heat down to the depth of water. This feature helps water to maintain its prolonged warmth and works as a cover of your pool surface.

This best pool heater for above ground pool comes with the UV-protected polymer and Passive heating.  The 3 Years product assurance is enough to put our trust in this pool product.


  • Solar pool heater
  • Ultraviolet rays protective
  • Easy to set on the pool surface
  • 3-years of warranty


  • Need to be a bit more resilient


Is this pool cover lightweight and easy to remove?

This pool cover is easy to remove even by one person. Just pull it from one end and fold it then do it the same from another end. In this way, it will be easily removable.

Is this best pool heater for above ground pool enough to fit the 18×42 inch pool?

This solar pool cover stays at the top of the floor and doesn’t dive into the depth. This pool cover floats, and you can secure the overlay on the edges with the pool sandbags.

How to Place the bubble side? Upside or downside?

Place the bubble side to the down.

Does this help to prevent the sunlight breakdown of the chlorine?

Yes, this does help to prevent any such issue.

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EcoSmart SMART POOL 27

best pool heater for above ground pool

The EcoSmart pool heater is an electric tankless pool heater and ranked as the best electric ground pool heater present in the industry. This heater performs systematically, as first it takes water, heats it, and then pumps it back to the pool via inlet and outlet connection.

The Ecosmart unit comes with Stainless steel construction and flow activation. The product comes with a digital display for adjusting the temperature. Plus, this best pool heater for above ground pool is compatible with the EcoSmart remote control and becomes handy.

You can use this pool unit as an alternative to the heat pump. This unit is strong enough and requires an extra bit of energy.

This best pool heater for above ground pool heats the pool precisely at the desired degree. Overall, a right and decisive choice to experience the warm swimming in cold nights.


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Programmed maintaining for temperature setting


  • Need a fair bit of energy


What is the average weight of the smart 18 electric pool?

This Ecosmart SMART POOL weighs 24.25 lbs.

What is the pipe size on both sides of this best pool heater for above ground pool?

The inlet and outlet water connection both has the same size of two inches.

What would be the electric cost per hour for running tankless hot water?

It consumes 27kw of energy per hour so, if one KiloWatt is 17 cents, that means per hour cost will be $4.56, adding into your utility expenses.

Does it need to be attached to the pool pump lines?

Yes, it would be best if you put it on the outline from the pump and will be turned on once the water is circulating. You have to put some extra effort while providing power to it.

Sun2Solar Blue 12-Foot-by-24-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover

best pool heater for above ground pool

This Sun2Solar unit comes in a beautiful and blue color design that is quite compelling. This pool unit decreases pool water evaporation by up to 95% and Retains heat for a more extended period.

This rectangle best pool heater for above ground pool is a solar blanket that is 12′ wide and 24’ long and easy to cut to adjust the pool size without affecting the product’s warranty. This best pool heater for above ground pool is counted among the best solar pool heaters for above ground pools.

Sun2Solar heating blanket uses thermal bubbles to catch and release heat to the pool water. This pool unit has received ultimate praise ever since, and it is much like the Blue Wave pool heater. This phenomenal unit has shown up its efficiency in the pool by heating the water at its best, preventing water evaporation. Also, it saves the utility expenses and keeps your swimming pool clean from debris. Isn’t it a multitasking best pool heater for above ground pool?


  • Free from any utility expenses
  • Easy to trim to adjust the pool size
  • Heat water and prevent evaporation


  • Thermal bubbles make trouble of falling off in no time


What is the product assurance associated with this pool cleaner?

Sun2Solar claims that there is a warranty for this unit. However, a few of the consumers have faced this issue, hearing from the company that bubbles separating from the cover isn’t under warranty. 

Is this best pool heater for above ground pool safe to use in the pond?

Yes, this unit is safe for one year at least and but be concerned if this pool blanket is leaving small debris in the pool. This debris can harm the pond residents, such as fishes. 

Does this pool blanket slow down the algae production in the pool?

Not really, Algae get growth in warmer sides or the sides with zero exposure to the sun. So, you have to keep the keen check to remove the algae regularly. 

Can I cut this solar cover to fit the pool?

Yes,  sharp scissors and use the bubbles will help you to cut it straight.

Fafco Solar Cub Environmentally Friendly Above Ground Swimming Pool

best pool heater for above ground pool

So, the fourth spot is grabbed by the Fafco Solar Heating system for the above ground pools. The Fafco pool heating system heats the above-ground swimming pool with an environment-friendly solar panel.

This best pool heater for above ground pool performs like solar panels, but the only difference is a large solar collector that takes on the shape of a long rubber mat. The heated solar collector helps the pool pump to flow and back the water effortlessly. This heating system has a tilted system that means it performs more efficiently when turned to 10-30 degrees to the south.

Fafco pool heating system has a flexible mounting option and can be easily mounted on the ground, rack, or roof as per your convenience. The former users have shown positive feedback for this heating system. At the start, heating the pool takes sometimes, but after the primary solar exposure period, the swimming pool is accurately warm and ready to use.

This best pool heater for above ground pool requires an installation kit separately. Overall, the Fafco heating system is the best and feasible choice for above ground pools. This heating map makes your swimming pool a better version when it has more prolonged and better exposure to sunlight.


  • Easy to mount on the ground, on a rack, or a roof
  • Minor utility expense
  • An extended period of product assurance


  • Performs better in bright sunny days only


Is this pool cleaner also effective for inground pools?

Yes, why not. You can use it for the inground pools as well. The only difference will be the heat loss, depending on the environment and pool materials.

Does it perform for a 17000-gallon pool effectively?

Many of the initial users have confirmed their effectiveness even for the 17000-gallon pools. So, yes, it works best for this too. 

Is the kit for above-ground or in-ground pools?.

It works best for both in-ground and above-ground pools. You will need a diversion valve to connect it to the pool pump.

Does surface shape matter for this pool heater to get mounted?

Not really. This pool heating system is flexible so that you can hang it on the side of the pool frame. 

Intex Solar Cover for 18ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

best pool heater for above ground pool

Our Top pick is Intex Solar Cover that retains heat for a prolonged period and reduces the evaporation up to 95%. This solar pool cover performs to same as the Fafco heating system that is discussed before. This pool cover is designed explicitly for the Intex brand above ground swimming pools.

This pool heater for above ground pool comes with the thermal bubbles on the inner side of the cover that catches the sunlight and transfers the heat to the pool water to make it warmer. Also, this pool heat system comes with a reusable carry bag that makes it easy to save it after usage.

The previous users have found this solar cover up to their expectations as it’s cost-free and effective. This pool system featured 18’ of diameter and made up of lightweight material that makes it float on the surface of the water freely.

This pool unit is easy to operate, lightweight, and easily storable. That wouldn’t be false to say it highly effective yet expense saving best pool heater for above ground pool.


  • Retains Heat
  • Prevents up to 95% of water evaporation
  • No Utility Expenses
  • Easy to operate and store


  • Designed explicitly for Intex brand above ground swimming pools
  • Sufficient for 18’ Intex brand pool
  • Issue with longevity


Does the pump work with the cover on or off?

You can run the pump in both the conditions with or without cover.

Does it work in a shady area?

Partial shade is okay. This best pool heater for above ground pool retains the warmth and prevents the temperature from falling overnight.

Does it perform on rainy days too? Or sink to the bottom of the pool?

It doesn’t sink to the depth. This pool cover comes with the tiny holes that drain the water to the pool.

Is it suitable for 17 feet pool?

It is. It performs best even for the pool of 18 feet and doesn’t overlap much. 


There are several pool heating options available in the market. The best pool heater for above ground pool depends on your pool type and your choice for heating your pool. You can opt for solar covers that are environment-friendly and don’t burdensome your utility expenses.

Secondly, you can choose the electric pool heater that works efficiently but increases your utility costs. Next, you can look for natural gas-fueled pool heaters that are high powered and high-grade tech zealots.

Hoping it, this best pool heater for above ground pool reviews will assist you in choosing the best for your needs. Happy Experience!

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