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If your search is for a product that owns easy, quick, and flawless pool cleaning, then the answer will be none other than the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner.

There is always updating and add in the pool cleaner industry, and Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner is another feather in the industry’s hat. Hayward Tiger Shark Robotic Pool Cleaner is a fantastic robotic pool cleaner that ensures the flawless cleaning of both the pool floor and walls.

The industry is full of new technologies, updates, and devices, and these are regularly adding. But not every product can take a better place as the Tiger Shark has already grabbed with its quick clean technology.
This time, we have brought a complete Tiger Shark pool cleaner review for you with both positive and negative features So that you could decide on it freely. Let’s read it!

Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner – Is it Worth it?

Hayward pool cleaners are cleaning the pools for the last 40 years and are considered as best for cleaning the bottom without any damage.

This pool cleaner from the house of Hayward is worth the money you spend on it. The Tiger Shark is the pool machine that saves your money and gives you the comfort of a crystal clear pool.

Hayward is serving the industry for the last ten years, and this tiger shark robotic pool cleaner is the company’s top product.

Despite the high price, this pool vacuum surpasses the other robotic pool cleaners of the same category and scrubs, cleans, and vacuums your pool floor, walls, and waterlines.

Varieties of Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner

Standard Model


Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner


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Tiger shark pool cleaner manual comes in three main Standard types Plus Remote and quick clean technology. Each one has a special place with unique features and cleaning. Let’s explore!

You wish for an excellent cleaning feature at a reasonable and attractive price, here is the solution. The Hayward TigerShark Standard is all you need. No separate or extra pumps, hoses, or hookups are required to perform cleaning tasks. It uses the existing filtration system to remove all the debris and germs from your pool.

The different cartridge system allows its cleaning easy. A 24-volt powerful motor increases the efficiency of the standard model. The standard product assurance is 1-year, and you can buy it at the price of $955 with 2-3 years of extra warranty.

Plus Remote Control


Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner


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One more step towards technology! The Plus Remote Control Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner gives you the ease to control this pool machine from a distance as well with the wireless remote. This pool machine is available for $1,299 with three years of product assurance.

Quick Clean Technology


Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner


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It Saves your time and effort with quick clean technology. Max 90 mins are required for complete pool coverage while the standard model takes max 4 hours to complete this task.

This smart pool product comes with three years of product warranty. And the budget-friendly replacement parts are also easily accessible in the market.

Consequently, you have a handsome budget and small size pool and want to save your hours then Tiger Shark Quick Clean Technology Pool Cleaner is the best choice for you.


Tiger shark pool cleaner possesses several unique features that make it stand out among other compelling products. Have a look!

It performs excellently with the pools of 20 to 40 feet. The box includes a Standard Tiger Shark robotic pool cleaner hand-operated, which requires energy supply by 55 feet long power cable.

Additionally, Stainless Steel Polyurethane drive track and body is made up of ABS plastic specifically designed for high-impact.

It features the ACSL microprocessor that regulates the cleaning cycle of 90 minutes. This ABS plastic construction helps to manage the wide temperature range and collision defense.

The on-board microprocessor adjusts the machine speeds to save energy.

It navigates your pool robot correctly and prevents obstructions. The reusable and detachable cartridge filters are simple to wash and manage without any hassle.

The product owns 120-volt AC and 24-volt output. The 24-volt powerful motor is correctly sealed inside the watertight and high-impact body of the pool vacuum. The Auto shut off, and overload protection features highlight this robotic pool vacuum.

With all such highlighted features, this pool cleaner is ideal for any pool, regardless of shape.

The Design of Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner

Moreover, the Tigershark pool cleaner was operational with a classic design since 2016. After this, the design was upgraded, but the features were the same. It was redesigned to attract customers and new buyers. Now it has the most compelling and attractive design with the professional color combo.


Tiger shark robotic pool cleaner is one of the best and top-rated pool cleaner since 2016, But it doesn’t deserve the current ratings which it owns right now.
We find it as

Energy Efficiency4.5 ★★★★✫
Bottom and walls Cleaning5.0 ★★★★★
Design and shape4.5 ★★★★✫
Value3.5 ★★★✫

With all these feature ratings, it gets an average rating of 4.5 stars, which is quite improved and better than the current rating of 3.9 stars.

  • Quick Clean Technology for the fastest pool cleaning
  • Hassle-free maintenance and cleaning set up
  • No other hookups, hoses, or pumps are needed.
  • The unique cartridge filter system collects the debris keenly and is easy to empty and reuse.
  • A caddy cart is enough to transport and store it.
  • The updated design is quite appealing, with an enhancing color scheme that makes this pool cleaner a satisfactory pool product.
  • Quite a nasty business to carry this heavy pool cleaner without a caddy cart.
  • The Caddy cart is not included in the box.
  • After the exit from the pool, there is a chance of possible leakage of a small amount of debris and dirt.
  • Working on quick clean mode, the walls and waterline may be neglected.

Final Verdict

In the end, we are loud and clear that with the improved version and better design, the Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner is the top listed product at present.
It deserves better ratings of 4.3 stars on Amazon and other sites. The wireless remote control and Quick Cleaning Technology give it an edge over the standard model.
Leaving the high price and flaws behind, this product worth every spending on it and gives the comfort of trouble-free cleaning.
Make a Wise Choice!

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