How To Vacuum Above Ground Pool?

No one wants to dive into a dirty and green swimming pool either it is above ground or inground pool. when it comes to pool cleaning it becomes very important to learn accurately how To Vacuum Above Ground Pool?

If you are the pool owner, you should be vigilant about cleaning it as well. You should make sure to clean your pool to keep it safe from dirt, dust, and debris. So, if you neglected your pool’s cleaning schedule, the junk at the bottom of your pool will lead to algae growth, and you do not want to swim in dirty, green water. 

Unlike the in-ground pool, they do not demand much of a cleanliness schedule. No matter if your pool is above the ground, you maintain the cleaning schedule and not miss it. 

Therefore, you must clean the pool to provide yourself and your family a clean and safe environment to swim. But the question arises in our mind how to clean above ground pool? There is a list you can follow to make sure the above ground pool is more pristine. 

However, let’s take a look at How to use above ground pool vacuum?

Checklist: Pool Vacuum Should Have

Here is the list you need to ensure you have before you start your job of cleaning. 

  • Vacuum Hose
  • Vacuum Head
  • Pool leaf rake or skimmer
  • Vacuum plate
  • Telescoping pole

How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool?

Since cleaning is of so much significance, you should find the best vacuum cleaner that works for a long time for you. So, the procedure you have to follow in cleaning is as follow:

How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool

1. Remove Dirt from Pool

There is some circumstance because an excessive amount of debris on the pool is deposited, for example, in storms. So, the excessive amount of waste requires being cleaned from the pool with either skimmer or leaf rake. But you can leverage the filters to remove the debris collected in water if it is not deposited too much. 

2. Assemble Your Vacuum

The next all you have to need to make your equipment ready that would get this job correctly. It would be best if you assembled it by attaching one end of the hose to the vacuum and the other side to the skimmer using a vacuum plate. 

3. Lower the Assembly in the Pool

You can lower the vacuum to the bottom of the pool and make sure it is not floating on the surface.  After this, you have to lock the pole at one side of the pool while under lock. 

4. Select the Filter Setting

The next thing you should be doing is to fill the vacuum hose with the water. Moreover, you can do it by keeping the hose free end near the water outlet, and you should do it until no bubble emerges from the vacuum head, which is in the pool. 

5. Vacuuming the Above Ground Pool

Move the vacuum on the water’s surface the same as you do it to clean the rug or carpet in the room. Make sure to clean the pump strainer after short intervals if your pool has too much debris. Slowly move the head back and forth to make sure every corner of the bottom of the pool is clean, and do this work with patience.

The foremost important thing is to maintain the head underwater’s position all the time, or it will lose its prime. Furthermore, repeat this procedure because you have to remove all the debris from the pool floor. 

How To Vacuum an Above Ground Pool with a Sand Filter?

Vacuuming is a standard procedure for cleaning. Skimmers for pool leaf rake will remove the debris that floats on the surface of the water. Besides, the containment collected at the bottom of the pool will not be removed and requires vacuuming. 

Furthermore, you can use a sand filter as your vacuum filtration process; you need a proper setting for this. These types of filters usually have six types of vacuum setting:

  • Rinse
  • Recirculate
  • Backwash
  • Waste
  • Filter or Closed.

The most common setting is the filter setting, as it will help you remove all contaminants from the bottom of the pool.

But the waste setting is also preferable when there is an excessive amount of dirt in the pool.

The containments cleaned from the water are by the vacuum because of the bed of sand filtration media inside the filter.

Therefore, once you have vacuumed the pool, it is the standard process to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and perform a backwashing filter. 

But this cleaning method is not suitable when there are too much dirt and debris in the pool, and your water level drops and ensures you add water back in. 

Case: When not to Filter

It is not considered right to send vacuumed water through a sand filter from the pool. When pool water is not cleaned regularly, the dirt and debris will be stored in the water and leads to algae and muddy water. The pool environment will not be safe to swim in for you or your family. Besides, the algae will be killed with a high amount of chlorine that will pass through the sand filter media and enter the pool again.  But if you use a chemical method called flocculants to clean the pool, the vacuum’s water should never be passed through a sand filter. 

Clean Pool using Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

All you need to clean the pool is the best filtration system, and it is crucial for cleaning the pool. The most significant advantage of using an automatic cleaner is its ability to clean the pool in no time with less effort. Another benefit is that it will help you maintain the water’s pH level and minimize debris and algae. 

Moreover, you install the automatic vacuum cleaner with ease and also maintained without any difficulty. Besides, it is your good friend if you winterize your above ground pool. An example of such an automatic vacuum cleaner is Pool Rover S2 has impressive features to help you clean a wide variety of debris. 

Wind Up

To sum up, there is no doubt that to maintain a clean and safe environment in the pool; you need to exchange your hard work and time. It is not a complicated procedure if you have the right equipment to do your cleaning job. 

You might opt for the manual method to clean, but vacuuming an above-ground pool cleaning gives you ease and ensures a healthier environment for you to swim. Hence, you learn a few tips and tricks and be a pro at cleaning in no time!

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